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Confusing data.txt
Erm, ok this is no question, just a small note which may help another data changer one day. I just worked on a new project and used stage lock system for it.

There some chars are not allowed and multiplayer is not allowed

allowed char: A
not allowed char: N

A -> go on
N -> show message that char is not allowed
A + A -> multiplayer not allowed
N + N -> show message that char is not allowed and that multiplayer is not allowed
A + N -> show only message that multiplayer is not allowed

so I wondered why the hell at last case only one message came - and... something said me it has to do with data.txt - in the allowed chars were noted before the not allowed chars, but in original data.txt julian and stuff (all N) are noted before, so I changed the two groups... and....

it worked :p

so the result: the order in data.txt seems to be important which object is activated earlier in stage, since both chars have itrs which should immediatly hurt another objects in there, but if the N Char is activated "earlier" with the help of data.txt... nah, you can think of the rest yourself.

Just thought I should note this somewhere :p
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This would make sense that the game is order-dependent concerning data.txt. Take the backgrounds for example; it took me a heck of time to figure out how the stages' backgrounds are determined. So this is probably the same...
But still, good to know :)
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