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Bug when loading Lf2
Hello distinguished members of the LF2 community. I might be new to this forum but I have been playing with lf2 Data for a really long time now. Though I'm not really good at it...
After adding any dat file to the data.txt. The entire application will go blank without giving any error messages during the loading screen...
However I found out that actually moving the window would bring it back to the start page.

Clicking on game start would immediately bring me to the selection screen of Lf2. At first, I thought I could just ignore this little error, but it seems the game crashes minutes after a bit of gameplay. I have been stuck on this error for months now (Yeah, I'm a shy one). I have removed characters, switched positions on the data line. So the sad thing is that I cannot add anymore dat files. That's why I need the assistance of you guys! Btw, I'm using Rammichael's 1000 object exe.

P.S. Also can anyone explain why this happens? Even if data files are in place, and nothing's wrong with the content of data.
And why switching positions on the data line 'sometimes' solves the problem?

THANKS! Really appreciate your help! :D
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It is really hard to diagnose these kinds of issues without knowing exactly which files you have in your LF2 folder, so if you could upload it to a site like that would help a great deal.

That said I have noticed that you are using 1.9c modified to support 1000 objects, so my immediate recommendation would be to use the newest version of LF2 (namely version 2.0a), which supports up to 400 objects without needing any modifications.
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(12-15-2015, 10:09 AM)wearenotnoob Wrote:  Clicking on game start would immediately bring me to the selection screen of Lf2.
If you mean what I think you meant, then you're probably running a computer with very high specs enough to load all the assets in an instance. If that's the case, then chances are that LF2 is too old for your PC and is using deprecated functions which your machine doesn't properly support anymore. Though you didn't mention any problem with sprite mirrors, so that's probably not the case for you.

Try using 2.0a version as Someone else suggested.

(why is there no download link of 2.0a available in the main site?)
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