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About in NEORA
I Found "fix_hidden" data in on NEORA.

fix_hidden               db "hidden:",00

And It's realy make me happy.
Because :

1. Example: open Davis.dat >> type hidden: 1, before <bmp_end> = Character Davis is Locked.
2. Example: open Julian.dat >> type hidden: 2, before <bmp_end> = Character Julian is Not Availabe, but we can fight them.

Now it's time to tell about my PROBLEM.

I want to take the code ( "just fix_hidden") to rarara.DLL !!!
But I don't know how to add the code to rarara.dll

SOMEONE, please help me :(
I just want Hidden code like in NEORA for my mod :(
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Neora has been heavily modified in more than a way to the core, and I doubt copying a feature would be as simple as copying and pasting.

Why not just use Neora?
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(11-02-2015, 10:00 AM)Doctor A Wrote:  Why not just use Neora?

Okay, NEORA it's great future for LF2.
But Now, NEORA Can't Build more AI with Ddraw.DLL

And My Mod is helped by rarara.dll, and I can build more AI with Ddraw.DLL.
Now, I just need Locked character and hidden character (Not Available, but we can fight them).
And I Found the code on NEORA. It's Realy helped me.

But I Can't Take the Code to rarara.dll
Please Help me :(
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Naufal, the "hidden" feature provided by Alkarter, creator of PDK engine.
by the way, it defines which character will be playable or not in very start of game. Basically in moment when lf2 is launched and game done with data.txt file loading.
so literaly "fix_hidden" doesn't have any real affect on this feature.

if u wanna charge it in original LF2, u better look at game initialization part of code.
or just add any tag like "hidden" and make game skip character if value more than 0 and if "" code is on - more than 1.

well, it requers a lot of work to do, using DLL-framework at least
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Hmm, I Can't Understand about the code :(

For Now, I just can hope and wait NEORA with the new Features Like original LF2 (I mean, Neora can read Ddraw.DLL) :D
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I'm not sure
Maybe someday, hope isn't dead at least x]
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