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Road color change, how?
Hey, i was trying to edit some maps like gw and lf and was wondaring how to change the road color... i´m sure i´m just overlooking something but i couldn´t find an answer over the search button.

soooo could someone explaine where that stuff is written?
don´t realy need a fullblown explenation ... a little hint should suffice

tnx in advance. ;-)
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isn't it more work to change the image via code
instead of simply opening it on gimp and clicking on your desired color?
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The road of most stages has a set basecolor... like the green in the forest or brown in Great wall. if i would change the images it would look out of place i guess...


well i could just place one big image on the floor- cover it all- but for now it is kinda connected to my curiosity on "how does this game does things" ^^

and yes i love using "
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It's a rect layer, not an image.

You can get rect colour codes with this tool:
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hmmm it says i´m missin MSVBVM50.dll ... oO

EDIT: jea... i´m on it...

Huh... jeah but i mean where is it determend for the stage what color it is Oo...
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  rect: HERE x: 0  y: 356  width: 794  height: 172

You are probably missing some runtime files. I think I made that tool with vb5 so try this:
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Found it :D i realy just overlooked it ^^

Thanks a bunch *totaly happy now*

EDIT: the wierd thing is that i searched the File for "rect" but found nothing at first... oO I then found it manualy.
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