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Dnilb sprites
One of my first pixel arts, shading is not done yet, I posted it to know if the proportions and other stuff seem alright.
[Image: l3PvqkQ.png]
In my opinion hair is weird, any advice how to improve it?
Thanks given by: Marko
Not nad for start. Still, you could use some video tutorials on Youtube.

[Image: NsiNMB9.png]

Help me and test my new game basis!

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Tried something smaller:
[Image: V9emwLw.png]
Thanks given by: Marko
I don't like position of the nose in first picture. It should be more on right because is 3/4 view.
About hair.. headband is too tight (don't know different word to describe it) and that makes you head above forehead to small.. that automatically makes hair looks too small as well.

really quick edition to show you what i am talking about:
Red is how the head seems to look like, green is how i think it should look like from this point of view.
[Image: Up2eqWK.png]

If you were drawing hair considering head is like green lines, it would look just fine.

Other than that, very promising drawings :)
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New ones:

[Image: Oe38HHg.png]
[Image: fnRE36d.png]

[Image: MibjdIn.png]

[Image: gLl3W9p.png]
Gif of the making:

[Image: FLV8ESh.png]
Gif of the making:
Thanks given by: Mono , Gad , Marko , LutiChris , Bamboori
love your style

[Image: NsiNMB9.png]

Help me and test my new game basis!

Thanks given by:
you are very talented
Thanks given by:
Updated Genos:
[Image: cR2JAzX.png]

Trying out animations:
[Image: SWqLH5.gif]
[Image: Pzp9YIN.gif]
Thanks given by: Arcane , Bamboori
looking good man, keep it up :)
Thanks given by:
New ones, trying to set up style for a possible 2d game in the future:
[Image: Z25R0S7.png]
[Image: g13XIdE.png]
[Image: lVA6KmJ.png]
Does anything look odd, needs improvments?
Thanks given by: Hate

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