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[Help] Game doesn't change
So Im just gonna copy my post from another LF forum

"So I was trying to make some changes to Freeze's whirlwind, needless to say, it didn't work and he just disappears when using whirlwind.
I then remembered I didn't make backups of the files. Well no problem, I just reinstalled the files. But then when I play, all changes I had made to characters before were still there and Freeze still disappears when trying to use whirlwind. I looked through all the files and they are normal and unchanged from a clean install, but the game still follows the old files even though they aren't on my computer anymore. "

I have tried reinstalling completely, removing any associated programs etc. but I can't fix it.
Anyone else got this or know an answer?

I will add that I replaced template with an edited version of Freeze. I uninstall the game, remove any traces of it from ANYWHERE in my computer (old links, empty folders with the name) and it looks like a clean install on the first boot. The second time I start it it is back just like before the reinstall with Freeze instead of Template even though the Template.Dat file is completely normal.
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Does he have multiple LF2 folders by any chance? I had occasionally made the mistake of editing the data in a different LF2 mod folder with Data Changer thinking it was another.
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(07-23-2015, 02:06 AM)STM1993 Wrote:  Does he have multiple LF2 folders by any chance? I had occasionally made the mistake of editing the data in a different LF2 mod folder with Data Changer thinking it was another.

Thing is some characters still change when they're edited. I change a move of a character and it changes like normal. I did also mention that I have searched the computer for all files related to LF2 and removed them all.

The most prominent example is Freeze who disappears when using his tornado even though the code is like normal.

EDIT: I found a temp solution by installing the game again to a different directory. Ill update again if it changes back
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Loading...@ramond i once remember i was playing a different lf2 from the one exe was staying, maybe it was a shortcut cant remember it so well. then i deleted that exe and put a new one to play normally.

yea i understood your post, i was just sharing my experience coz it was similar to yours.

Edit2: now this post is screwed up  Mad can a mod pls replace "Loading..." with my original post's words?

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Really? I've never seen or heard that before. Any source?
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(07-24-2015, 11:04 PM)empirefantasy Wrote:  when you use an lf2.exe from another lf2 folder (c&p) it stills uses datas from its primitive directory. well i hope you solved the problem :)

Either I am misunderstanding your reply or you misunderstood my post.
I have literally removed ANY trace of LF2 on my computer, including the modified files. The problem is fixed now anyway, as the new install of the game in a different directory works as normal.

Thanks for your help :)
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So I might be able to clear up a few things here.
LF2 loads data from the current working directory, which is not necessarily the same as where the executable is located.
If you go and double click lf2.exe it will be the same, but if you have a shortcut you can manually change it by right clicking and changing the value of the "Start in"-field, which will cause it to load its data from the specified directory.
If you have a shortcut on say the desktop and move files around Windows tends to get confused and that may have been what caused the scenario empirefantasy had encountered.

Also, LF2 will load sprites slightly differently. It will first try to load them relatively to where the executable is located, but if the sprite cannot be found it will look in the working directory. The reason for this probably has to do with how DirectDraw works.
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