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Crash while loading
After reading this thing I ask myself that - Do I know LF2 at all? :P

Well thanks for the solution, it was indeed a good read.
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(07-21-2015, 06:28 AM)Someone else Wrote:  @Doctor A: Could you write a tool to automate this change? I am too lazy to do it myself.

But of course.

Script for those who've got a Python interpreter and don't want to download the giant exe:

Place it next to LF2 exe (NTSD's exe in this case) and run it. I haven't tested it properly, but it should work. Put in mind that if it was interrupted in the middle for any reason, you're going to have to start all over with a fresh copy of the game.

May I know the method of debugging you used to find the cause?
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This worked on a LOT less .wav files than I wanted for some reason.. :/
Also added some errors in game somehow.. well glad I made a backup XD
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My new life motto!
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