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Moves with HP lock
Have a hp upper limit so u can only do moves when you are below X amount of hp. There are a few bugs that u have to be aware of (these can be fixed, as u need an extra defense frame and some others).

video is bandit who can transform into hunter when he has <160 hp. u can adjust this value to any value u want. There's still the bugs that

-dark red hp bar goes over 500 if u use it when u have full hp or something.
-dark red hp bar goes below your normal red hp bar if u keep using it.
-other stuff

I won't post the data just yet. Gonna try debug it first. don't pm me for it.

Blue Phoenix
I can imagine how to do that...
Not sure, how you do that, my method is the following....

use mp: 16000 (or 1600? I always forget that...)
then, if the character CAN fulfill that condition (so he has more that 160 hp), he will be lead to a move in which he gains his hp back.
If he cannot fulfill that condition, he'll go to the frame noted in hit_d. From there he transforms...

You've used a type: 0-object, correct? I've seen the Com-logo :P
You make that with cpoint-stuff, right? :D

hello ->blank<-. You're almost correct. u got the first part, but it's not using hit_j: or hit_d: values (not the fire run/whirlwind kick type). This one u don't need any mp. And I didn't need to use a type 0 object but I just used it so that it all fits into 1 data file (u can use any other type it makes no difference). and nope no cpoint coz that makes the char get caught and when he's released he'll go to frame 212 which I don't like :P . If anything I'd use i-k8 but nah I haven't used any of that. anyways there's still many bugs but I'll hope to fix them by tomorrow or so.

Blue Phoenix
All righty then (yes, blank is, like usual, nobody else than Blue Phoenix^^), I just posted about my idea, but yours sounds cool, hope for some results the next days (nah, I'm not that "I have to put pressure on you"-person, just take you as much time as you need to :))
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