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how to find the correct state?
Hello all after studying louis and rudolf on how they actually transform i would appreciate if someone could point me the transform states or character states like 9996 or 9995 is louisEX right? but why it's not 50 like the id of louisEX?
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It's just hardcoded like that. No further logic behind this.
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Wow just wow this is a complete Nightmare XD but after this i will release something not made from me but always wanted to use both of them Viledragon and Julian from LF4 Turbo XD

ok ok i though my problem with transformation was ended but unfortunely i get horrible glitched transformation for example when i switch the state of louis to transform to julian it's glitched so julian is invisible but when i made julian id 50 he worked preety good except his rowing was summoning louisEX any way what's wrong?
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(10-03-2018, 08:43 AM)Lord Julian Wrote:  how to find the correct state?

By using a map!


On a more serious note, you probably didn't account for the 140 pic-shift that happens after transformation. So when you use a transform state, 140 will be added to all "pic: " values. See Silverthorn's second link for more information.

Since Julian's rowing spawns a clone of him in a specific frame that eventually disappears, you need to account for that and either change the opoint's oid (and possibly action, if you changed Julian's special moves) in his rowing frames or create your own data for a 'mirror image'. Make sure it has dvy: 550 as well, such that it cannot fall and turn into a normal clone character.
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