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How to: script Artificial Intelligence
Okay i've updated the first post with
and the return command

also i have updated Clides AI for 0.4

@A-MAN: well you can use the print function in any way you like
the new return function should allow you to stop a character from moving around - but the safety distance from lying enemies cannot be overridden yet
also i dont know about randomizing yet - usually there are random functions based on system time or something - need to look up whether chaiscript has something of that kind but i doubt it

@Alblaka: the self_weaponid i understand, the other two i don't - maybe elaborate those in the actual hex project thread from silva
also looking forward to more AI

UPDATE: added a new section about target loading and changed all code to C syntax
next i will add a little more about how i debug and test
and after that a new section with samples
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