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How to submit your Project to LFE-Downloads
Edit: for a quicker publishing-process, you may skip the PM-conversation-steps that are mentioned below. Instead, prepare your work, post it in the Projects-section, receive feedback, improve, and finish it. If it has positive reviews, prepare an email with all vital files (see below) and send it to submissions(at) Thanks!

Hello guys,

I`m sure you recognized I`m not that active on LFE-Forums, well, this won`t change, but I still want to try to put some new stuff on the mainsite. Since my time is limited you will have to do some stuff yourself, but this shouldnt be to hard hopefully.

I try this system with characters for now, if it turn out well I`ll allow it for backgrounds etc, too...

Edit: Since the system went well on characters so far I also want to try this for backgrounds and weapons. Mods, stages and versions are a bit tricky cause they should be tested very carefully, so far you can`t submit them with this system.

How to submit your Character to LFE-Downloads: (Click to View)

How to submit your Background to LFE-Downloads: (Click to View)

How to submit your Weapon to LFE-Downloads: (Click to View)
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