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Gad - repchar
And obviously I endorse this character since I helped to make it ^^

Here's a playthrough from me. It is slightly dated(I've fixed a couple of bugs/issues and there is a change in the drinking sprite), but its accurate for the most part!
[Image: 7mIEiZH.png]
And this was the placeholder face pic I drew in MS Paint before Gad finished the new facepic. Its included in the download!

For advanced DC techniques, the main draw would be the D^J move. I used a double-grab system to make sure the grab can't be easily escaped by simply going to a new frame just as the catch happened (which is a really silly bug that Louis suffers) - a 1st grab sends enemy into a vulnerable injury frame and into a fixed coordinate location(as well as a buffer in case it does get "cancelled"), and then a 2nd grab to properly catch the enemy. As a side effect this does mean that the grab has a rather high priority.
[Image: uMSShyX.png]
Steiner v3.00 (outdated), Challenge Stage v1.51
Luigi's Easier Data-Editor, A-Man's Sprite Mirrorer
Working on the LF2 Rebalance mod.
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