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Stage: Adventure LF2

Got bored, decided to play it, was disappointed; its clear the stage wasn't properly playtested.

Since this is a very old project and there isn't any desire from the author to update it, I'll only highlight a few specific issues out of many and let this post serve as a mini-review of sorts:

Timestamps provided in video description:
stage 2 = 10:32 (Davis)
stage 3 = 16:58 (Davis)
stage 4 = 29:13 (Davis, died at last phase)
stage 5 = 35:43 (Deep, didn't clear)

Main issues:
* I think some of the objects that are meant to spawn don't show up.
* Itr kind 14 was used in a very obstructive manner without much consideration for how it'd affect things like projectiles.
* The hit detection for the Giant Button is very wonky, and the milk/beer it spawns tend to just float on the ground, forcing you to hit them first.
* Stage 2 is notably distasteful for the use of very graphic corpses - I actually made a censored cartoon version attached here.

.zip   censored.zip (Size: 176.09 KB / Downloads: 63)
* Stage 3's wind effect has a tendency to kill people almost out of nowhere.
* Stage 4's final phase is Firzen(1500hp boss)... with 3 Jans and ~10 Sorcerers, all soldiers(aka respawn up to 50 times) That's a massive difficulty spike and would wreck the small army you're provided.
* Stage 5 is unwinnable in a standard 1-player playthrough, because in 5-7 you have 3 manholes that spawn a 500hp bandit each every 10s. There's no practical way to kill 3 bandits within less than 8s(1s despawn time and the bandits taking around 1s to become vulnerable on spawning) even with a full army of Marks and playing as Deep.
* No survival or _mirror files since this is an old stage mod.
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(05-18-2018, 11:48 PM)STM1993 Wrote:  * Stage 2 is notably distasteful for the use of very graphic corpses - I actually made a censored cartoon version attached here.

Ah so i wondered why images were white :P

Regarding some issues, yes it is true that it has not been tested enough to have very good difficulty balance. Also yea i know there are some minor bugs.

And regarding stage 5-7, I guess there is an issue there but I don't remember correctly in what amount/manner should these bandits be spawned, or how can that be stopped.

Also feel free to balance things :)

I first started as hobby weekend project and then after being party completed I continued again one year latter. I was inspired by GJP LF2 mostly I guess (itr kind 14 objects).
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