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Template(EX) - AmadisLFE - 08-14-2013

Here's one of my latest already done well there are many powers well all cost 0 mp ouch np u can edit anytime :D


Jack's backflip attack: D^A
Firen's run attack: DVJ
Wind attack: D<>A
Julian's Soul Bomb: D<>J
Meteor Fall: D^A(some seconds)A(NOTE: use when u missed the enemy to damage the enemy when landing)
Chasing balls: DJA(keep pressing A to keep attacking with chasing balls
Beam attack: D^J

Ok I am kinda confused any comments?

RE: Template(EX) - Onikatsu - 08-14-2013

Try to put screenshots or no one will test your char.

RE: Template(EX) - AmadisLFE - 08-14-2013

there a screen shot

RE: Template(EX) - Electric2Shock - 08-15-2013

(08-14-2013, 10:50 PM)Amadis Wrote:  0 mp

The moment I read this, I knew nobody would be possibly playing with this char more than 3 times.......

RE: Template(EX) - Dr. Time - 08-15-2013

I read all the moves in the post.
And judging from the "screenie",you just basically copied the data and sprites and bashed them up in one char.
The same moves from the original chars,am I right?
I'm just not sure about the "Meteor Fall" move (Are you talking about Firzen's D^A,somehow?), but seriously don't want to download this ATM...
Plus, 0 MP?! Dude,srsly..

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=3041]
And this ^ is not called a real screenie,BTW.
Take a real screenie. Show us. Now.

EDIT-Damn Electric.You ninja. :P

RE: Template(EX) - Onikatsu - 08-15-2013

You didn't put any effort on your char, and sorry for saying it...

RE: Template(EX) - AmadisLFE - 08-15-2013

I made it fast but all moves are his own except that Julians soul bomb and flaming run even backflip is his own recolored and I am on My iPhone do I can't post screenies my computer is dead AGAIN wait and my print button dead too so gotta fix computer and get new keyboard and EXG9 all is his own I am not good spriter so I needed to copy them and all powers
as I said his own except soul bomb and fire run and meteor fall is he flys up and comes down with an explosion and I didn't bash data all made by me except soul bomb and fire run
Explosion is firens but the wind,beam and chasing balls are his own

RE: Template(EX) - Electric2Shock - 08-15-2013

Those are old concepts, try to think them with your imagination, and then turn 'em into moves!

RE: Template(EX) - AmadisLFE - 08-16-2013

hes much stronger than julian. beat julian on crazy with him
And I need to get my pc fixed would u stop talking about screenshots and data (sorry I got hard on u guys)

RE: Template(EX) - AmadisLFE - 09-20-2013

here's the data where u use mana for moves that no mana thing was a test [attachment=3077]
[attachment=3079]download template ex and mia to watch the replay
almost forgot the template_ex.txt file download it and replace it with the template_ex.txt file which comes with the download
actually i added mia to lf2 and forgot to remove her before recording the file