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Contest #20: Tournament - Silverthorn - 02-27-2013

After a long hiatus, the LFE-contests are back!
And yay to locally saved stuff that kind of let me recover the first post of this thread. Huzzah!

Win in a 1 on 1 Tournament
&raquo; <a href="#contest-pairings">Pairings</a>
&raquo; <a href="#winners">The winners</a>

  • Use an unmodified version of LF2 v2.0(a)
  • The winner of a pairing is decided by "Best of Five": 5 matches are fought, the one that has more wins succeeds. In case of a tie, another match is to be fought. Please also mention the final score as it will determine the future pairings!
  • As proof, all matches are to be recorded and posted, for example on with a link to the replays in a post here.
  • Participants may pick their characters, as long as the character is selectable via Random.
  • For each match, you must pick a different character! It is expected of you to settle with your opponent who picks first (if you do not choose Random).
  • The default background is HK-coliseum. If both opponents agree, a different background may be chosen.
  • Usage of the Function-keys is prohibited (ie. F6, F7, F8, F9). The same applies for entering the cheat ( which would allow a transformation of Louis to Louis EX at full HP.
  • Any item may be used in any way (this includes drinking milk or beer as well as using an unlimited number of Freeze's ice-swords)
  • Combos may not exceed 250 damage (1/2 of the maximum HP). If the opponent tries to escape but is immediately caught in some sort of new combo, the damage counts towards the first combo.
  • Do not lengthen the Dance of Pain
  • Transformation of Louis into Louis EX is allowed
  • Attack limits per fight:
    • Henry: 1x D^J
    • Davis: 4x D^A
    • Rudolf: 2x D^J + 2x DvJ
  • When a participant gives up, his opponent will automatically be the winner of that duel.
  • If two opponents do not fight each other (due to organizational problems), a winner will be chosen randomly by me.

Depending on the number of participants, a preliminary round might be required first. Further details will be revealed once the joining-phase is over.

considering the crash was pretty close to the deadline, 'tis going to be new, too
The joining-phase ends on Sunday, March 10th!!

Good luck to all participants :)

<hr style="color: #FFD700; background-color: #FFD700; height: 1px;" />

Useful programs to connect to each other:
  • LogMeIn Hamachi
    Rooms: LFE-Contest-20-1, LFE-Contest-20-2, LFE-Contest-20-3, LFE-Contest-20-4
    Pass: tournament
  • LF2 Lobby (your virus-scanner might give a false-positive; the program is clean)
  • Tunngle
If you need help, please check this page.

<hr style="color: #FFD700; background-color: #FFD700; height: 1px;" />

Participants: (Hamachi-usernames in {braces}; indicates that the user has received a strike once, a strike is given when a player is inactive in 1 round, 2 strikes = player kicked out of the tournament)
  1. YinYin {YinYin}
  2. Redbeard
  3. Bamboori
  4. Emaan Ashraf {Emaan Ashraf}
  5. Sonic Boom {Arjun-PC} xmfcx
  6. Azriel {cerise}
  7. davis60 Jerkington XIII
  8. Zednero Blue Phoenix {Phoenix}
  9. xShui Vineet
  10. ossiee
  11. Lord Silva
  12. Burschdi {Chriss}
  13. Someone else {Someone else}
  14. Bala Krishnan
  15. Omega {krsss}
  16. Null Byte The Heskey
  17. Kevin
  18. qwertz143
  19. The Lost Global Mod
  20. lf2TimmE1
  21. Everisto {Fiol BB}
Convenience-post for contacting your opponent via PM:

<hr style="color: #FFD700; background-color: #FFD700; height: 1px;" />

Ruleset for the Swiss tournament system:
  • the winner of a match gets 1 point
  • the loser does not receive any points
  • the 21st person that does not have an opponent auto-receives 1 point. Nobody will be excluded twice.
  • pairings were/are randomly assigned
  • 7 rounds will be fought. In other words, you'll face 7 different opponents.
  • The person with the highest score wins this tournament. In case of a tie between any of the top 3, further matches between those will settle this.
  • The pairings are viewable under Once all matches of one round are fought, the second one is determined as the matching heavily depends on a player's performance throughout the tournament.
  • As I am, according to, organizing that tournament, I'm going to submit your scores to the website that decides upon the next pairings. Therefore, it'd be great if you could post your scores here to ease up things on my side ;)
  • Participants that have missed 2 rounds will be removed from the tournament completely and irreversibly!

<a name="contest-pairings"></a> Pairings:
<iframe src="" width="800" height="500" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

<hr style="color: #FFD700; background-color: #FFD700; height: 1px;" />

<a name="winners"></a> The winners:
  • 1st: Lord Silva
    2nd: Everisto
    3rd: Azriel

RE: Contest #20: Tournament - YinYin - 02-27-2013


RE: Contest #20: Tournament - Redbeard - 02-27-2013

I'm in aswell

RE: Contest #20: Tournament - Bamboori - 02-27-2013

count me in.

...deja vu :D

RE: Contest #20: Tournament - Emaan Ashraf - 02-28-2013

I want to join too

RE: Contest #20: Tournament - Sonic Boom - 02-28-2013

Damn maybe I wont be able to join as I have my exams from 4th march to 16th march >.>
is there any way that you can manage to keep my match in the end like everyday there is 1v1 match and if there are alot of people there can be the last match of mine so I can be able to play it well?

RE: Contest #20: Tournament - Silverthorn - 02-28-2013

(02-28-2013, 05:12 AM)Sonic Boom Wrote:  Damn maybe I wont be able to join as I have my exams from 4th march to 16th march >.>
is there any way that you can manage to keep my match in the end like everyday there is 1v1 match and if there are alot of people there can be the last match of mine so I can be able to play it well?
No worries; the first round will probably last longer than a week (which would mean it'd go from the 10th to >17th). Depending on the participation level, even two weeks might be feasible ;)

RE: Contest #20: Tournament - Sonic Boom - 02-28-2013

wow then i think i am eligible to participate :D

RE: Contest #20: Tournament - Azriel - 02-28-2013

i'll play


RE: Contest #20: Tournament - NewToTheEra - 02-28-2013

give download links of the connecting programs
like lf2 lobby some instructions how to connect
because some people like me have never played online yet