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Robyn - The Hari - 02-16-2013

[Image: 2vsf2gi.png]
(^ click to download)

Gameplay video:

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RE: Robyn - A-Man - 02-16-2013

Haha! Looks amazing! Really liked the idea of the character. A question:
Are the weapons he shoot the one's you pick up in the game play? or are they just opointed into the attack?
Too lazy to test right now, but i definitely should test this.
Keep this up!

RE: Robyn - ossiee - 02-16-2013

looks very cool and fun! downloading it right now....
after i will try it i will tell you what i think...

RE: Robyn - YinYin - 02-16-2013

"id: 15 file: sprite\robyn\robyn.dat"
We really need the object type - otherwise it turns out as a copy of the character before that.

The two basic kicks are nice, only one of them doesn't look that good because his upper body doesn't change at all. (But keeping balance, holding a bow and kicking shouldn't be easy enough to keep the upper body upright.)

The jump attack looks pretty awkward - it doesn't really have enough motion, can be performed too fast and knocks opponents out without looking like it should. You could spin him around more, make it slower and only execute once per jump. Or make it as weak as the Template/bandit jump attack.

I think he should be able to shoot items a lot farther - at least as far as henry shoots his arrows. Otherwise this really isn't fun. Especially since he's actually better at throwing items than shooting them (apart from the high/strong shot). Also it's a little weird to still throw stuff when you are capable of shooting (almost) anything. That includes the run attack. Maybe you could change it to make him attack with a spare arrow, but not actually throw it away (like Sagittarius dash attack).

The back dash attack needs some wpoints that prevent the weapon from breaking (just like Henry). Just like the jump attack a little more spin on the whole body would be good.

Defend centerx ...

>>DA a bit impractical. The area you attack is right where you had to run. That means either you expose yourself very badly or hope for the opponent to walk into your arrows.
If you could perform this from defense it would be a little more practical.

DJA+J: bomb arrow - flies like a normal arrow (not a super) with a small bomb at the tip.
Explodes on impact. (animation/size as a mixture of Firens explosion and his inferno)

On the whole concept I think it would be cool if he did not have any arrows to begin with.
Maybe one spare arrow he uses to attack but doesn't shoot.

It would also be cool if he did not have to fully rely on items, but could also randomly spawn himself one of two (or three?) shootable objects whenever he attacks with enough mp (using just the kicks on low mp). This reload mechanic would add some tactics to him.

RE: Robyn - John Fighterli - 02-19-2013

That character is really good. I like it a lot. :D He is a little weak though because his movements are not fast and is like Hunter. He also uses high MP in order to do attacks. Well, I think he is as weak as Hunter in many cases. :p

By the way, the idea of doing something new in Data Changer is good. I also have made many mods and characters. Well, I am not that good at sprites but I have made many pictures and I don't know how to post them! My characters are super overpowered and do a lot of damage. I have never thought that instead of making them overpowered, they sometimes look more better when in underpowered. :D

So from now, I think I should make characters that are underpowered too...they look more better than overpowered ones in some cases. They are funny too. =p

RE: Robyn - Lucianocapocha - 04-07-2013

lol its a nigga with items in hand i downloading

RE: Robyn - The Hari - 05-06-2013

No, not ready yet. I know it's funny to spend almost 3 months on not-even-recoloured-hunter-modification (blame my laziness), but at least project isn't dead, yay! (i have also all the projects, from my to-do list, more or less in progress of work)

So, here what i have got so far:
[Image: 357hul3.png]
As YinYin said, now it's counter attack - defend+(getting hit)+J

[Image: mvi04x.png][Image: 32zoxav.jpg]
run attack+A(+A)

[Image: 9h0y12.png]
JA - summon arrow

[Image: 30icahl.png][Image: 2ln7fxl.png]
Just details, extended animations for pick up items and drinking.

[Image: 15nt05s.jpg][Image: 19qqae.jpg]
Now he can shoot every item.

[Image: 1r9rvs.jpg]
Bomb arrow - D>J
frames of explosion:
[Image: 2cra8fl.jpg]

[Image: 11jvoma.png][Image: 5y7wog.png]
Arrow Rain - D^A
Something like Shawn's attack from HF

[Image: 2yxotb4.png]
All his arrows and effects. He is using the same power like Henry for his super arrow.

So yeah, Robyn isn't dead, but i won't finish him too soon, since tomorrow i'm starting my matura exams, i'll come back to it somewhere after 20th of may. I want to add some things yet and improve what is done so far.

btw, Julius will have kinda better sprites.

RE: Robyn - ossiee - 05-06-2013

maybe make him new sprites after your done with him?!(just a suggestion)
the arrows sprites look awesome, the explosion is super-b, but the bomb arrow is just a tiny bit funny :P
looking forward for the next beta! im sure its gonna be awesome ;)

RE: Robyn - YinYin - 05-06-2013

Care to throw out an unfinished beta update for the time you aren't on it? It looks real good.

RE: Robyn - The Hari - 05-08-2013

Let's say it's corrected enough to be the first beta:

id: 60 type: 0 file: sprite\robyn\robyn.dat
id: 3400 type: 3 file: sprite\robyn\robyn_ball.dat
id: 3401 type: 1 file: sprite\robyn\robyn_arrow.dat