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alternate basic moves - YinYin - 08-09-2008

as you know characters whose basic moves use mp tend to be defenseless when they dont have enough mp to attack with them and whats worse: they still loose mp if you try to attack without actually attacking (louis thunderpunch)

but it happens that the basic key reading for these attacks/movements is different from the hit_ inputs we use - so there is no delay in between two of those, in fact you can just hold your key down and it will carry over
with that we can have alternate moves in case your mana is too low for the thunderpunch or whatever

first of all you will need to make the initial frame of that move a neutral dummy frame, preferably something that fits the characters position in that situation (running/standing)
that means frame 70/80/85/etc - depending on what you work on
that frame will decide on whether youve got the guts to waste mp or have to deal with a different move not taking mp

the next: of this frame will lead to the non-mp move - the hit_x: (x being the key you pressed to get there - probably a if it was an attack) will lead to the mp-powered move (eg the thunderpunchs first frame, with its normal mp tag)

so if you had enough mp it will still read the held down button and go to the hit_x - if you didnt it will just go to the next frame

RE: alternate basic moves - Azriel - 08-09-2008

hence my method for dja with hp lock (which actually can be overriden that's y i never published it).


RE: alternate basic moves - YinYin - 08-09-2008

whatever you use it for - just thought lfe could use these things in tuto section as ive been using it for quite a while now

RE: alternate basic moves - Memento - 06-29-2015

I got a question regarding this method. I used it for Louis' run attack and it worked.. now I try to use it for his dash attack, and he sometimes does his regular dash attack, and sometimes does the 0 mp version. However, the 0 mp move also costs mp now and then.

Base frame:

<frame> 90 dash_attack
   pic: 63  state: 15  wait: 1  next: 96  dvx: 0  dvy: 0  dvz: 0  centerx: 38  centery: 73  hit_a: 150  hit_d: 0  hit_j: 0
      kind: 0  x: 19  y: 8  w: 27  h: 61
      kind: 0  x: 11  y: 31  w: 43  h: 22

<frame> 96 no_mp_dash
   pic: 142  state: 3  wait: 2  next: 97 dvx: 10  dvy: 0  dvz: 0  centerx: 30  centery: 81  hit_a: 0  hit_d: 0  hit_j: 0
  sound: data\003.wav
      kind: 1  x: 34  y: 47  weaponact: 30  attacking: 0  cover: 1  dvx: 0  dvy: 0  dvz: 0
      kind: 0  x: 24  y: 21  w: 44  h: 54

<frame> 150 dash_attack(normal)
   pic: 132  state: 15  wait: 1  next: 91  dvx: -1  dvy: -1  dvz: 0  centerx: 38  centery: 73  hit_a: 0  hit_d: 0  hit_j: 0 mp: 75
  sound: data\031.wav
      kind: 0  x: 19  y: 8  w: 27  h: 61
      kind: 0  x: 11  y: 31  w: 43  h: 22

Shouldn't this be working just fine?

RE: alternate basic moves - YinYin - 06-29-2015

You can skip the hit_a check by pressing JA simultaneously - so the 0mp version is always available.
Because rowing and dashing action have priority over the run attack you can't do that there (if you apply this to the roll though you can again skip the check by pressing DA simultaneously).

The 0mp version should never cost mp unless you have negative mp values our multiple frames with the same number hanging around.