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Contest #12 - EXE Skinning Competition - VOTING - Silverthorn - 08-31-2010

As with any contest that requires a bit more work, the number of entries is significantly lower than usually. Nevertheless, 4 entries were submitted, shown below:

Download: Not available yet



Blue Phoenix, Phil, & Eddie

The poll will close on Sep 10th. Have fun voting!

RE: Contest #12 - EXE Skinning Competition - VOTING - Alectric - 08-31-2010

oh wow, i completely forgot about this contest :S
too busy...
anyway, Blue Phoenix, Phil, & eddie, and Xidd got my vote.

RE: Contest #12 - EXE Skinning Competition - VOTING - oliveryungo - 08-31-2010

Voted for Xidd's and Reaper's....
I don't like black skins and I can't see any of shorogan's piccies....
Can someone fix that?

@phil- like, pure black

RE: Contest #12 - EXE Skinning Competition - VOTING - Taniaetc - 08-31-2010

voted for shorogan and reaper.
shorogan - biohazard ftw!
reaper - it's simple... red... ghastly... *ghost voice*

RE: Contest #12 - EXE Skinning Competition - VOTING - Alblaka - 08-31-2010

Shorogan's theme owns!
Obvious space is obvious inv-tag
The mod for the theme is coming soon... Though, it's secret, so dont tell anyone!

RE: Contest #12 - EXE Skinning Competition - VOTING - Eddie - 08-31-2010

GAH wrong button.

Can we keep a +1 on Reaper in mind because I voted the wrong thing?
As a gentleman I shouldn't have voted my own work... so yeah, is it possible to ignore my vote on my own work and count it as a +1 on Reaper's instead?



Cheers Ramond for putting the +1 on reapers and not my own. You're awesome. :D

P.S - although my name is on my own work, it's actually supposed to be on Reapers - don't frown on me. xD

RE: Contest #12 - EXE Skinning Competition - VOTING - Marshall - 08-31-2010

@BP, Eddie, Phil
who did those cool LF2 character drawings?


but I'm still undecided who to vote for.

and who did those awesome buttons? Yes it was me phil! glad that you asked ~ Phil
mrqk..? what buttons? ~ Marshall

RE: Contest #12 - EXE Skinning Competition - VOTING - MH-Razen - 08-31-2010

wow, the teamwork-project is great, but xidd ones is better - and since there`re not that many participants i vote for xidd :p

RE: Contest #12 - EXE Skinning Competition - VOTING - TheNave - 08-31-2010

nah srsly, what's so great about that teamwork project, imo it's just rushed and bad... I mean, I can grey out everything with one click in a graphics program, too, that only takes a few minutes, and the idea about those facepics in the main menues might be good, but you could have atleast removed that ugly dark grey boarder on all of them like how it is show on the second screen in the main menues spoiler, so yeah... also the color of the *s pics doesn't fit with the general darkgrey of the hp bar boxes... the hp and mp bars itselfe are cool though... but all in all you rushed it to much and there're just alot of details which went wrong...
from a teamproject I'd have expected better...

btw. voted for Xidd 'cuz it's totally awesome and hex'ed, the overall design is awesome and everything harmonies with eachother...
I'd have also voted for the otherones, but shorogan's green kinda hurts my eye when playing abit longer, and reaper's is to dark for me...

9 hours?! getting all that stuff grey takes 10 minutes at it's max, the only thing time consuming could be those face pics, which as far as I know, you didn't do

and no, to lazy...

RE: Contest #12 - EXE Skinning Competition - VOTING - Reaper - 08-31-2010

I voted for BP/Phil/Eddie. Xidd's was great as well, but character selection etc. weren't changed yet and... it somehow was too much white for me.
What I really liked about Shorogans were all those tiny details such as new flags, fonts etc., but it was too flashy for my taste.
The collab was - for me - the best concerning the overall impression. Though you really should have removed the dark grey border.