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Poison - Boop - 05-27-2008


My exe version of the poison discussed here:

known bug (which I might, or might not fix):
You regenerate mp << (Easy to turn this into a feature, you can call it a HP into MP converter item :p).

Hue changed of milk done by YinYin (who doesn't like the result and think it looks like Absinthe).

Have fun :).

RE: Poison - MH-Razen - 05-27-2008

wootie, that's cool.

erm, think you could publish this as kinda project, you and YinYin...

RE: Poison - YinYin - 05-27-2008

MH-Razen Wrote:think you could publish this as kinda project
uh what exactly do you mean?

RE: Poison - MH-Razen - 05-27-2008

hm, a project, amybe a mod, maybe with a new other new weaps which needs slight exe modifications or so. This poison is to cool to just let it be here in HEX Section :p

RE: Poison - Hypermodder - 05-27-2008

hey, cool!I could give you some sprites of poison-clouds for some ballz or stuff like that! XD Awesome idea!

RE: Poison - Lauli - 05-27-2008

For what do they need ball attacks when it's just regular bottle that you drink? :P

And yea, I pretty much agree with MH, this could really be changed into a new weapon pack.

RE: Poison - YinYin - 05-27-2008

just because silva made an inverted milk id copy and i did a weird green beer/milk skin for it?
seriously this didn take me more than 5 mins of work edit: 20 for silva - i thought this is more of a show off

it doesn even have proper breaking - or any good use to be honest

RE: Poison - Boop - 05-27-2008

Hey... It took me atleast 20 minutes to do this! Don't undervalue my work :(

RE: Poison - YinYin - 05-27-2008

well my sprite edit isnt just a milk hue either D:

but who cares - it wasn as much as lets say my fusion or your stage skip states

RE: Poison - Hypermodder - 05-27-2008

Lauli Wrote:For what do they need ball attacks when it's just regular bottle that you drink? :P

I thought they could make some chars throwing poison-ballz.
If Silva or Rammichael could add some poionstates (and efects)to the exe,that would be pretty cool!
effect:6 for example....sth. where some freeplaces are....

But however, I don't really check Exe-editing...