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HeroFighter (Martis new game) - MH-Razen - 06-28-2009

Quote by Marti Wong: (almost forgot to post this about all the LFE-Server Problems :p)

Hi all, after 10 months' effort, my new game HeroFighter will be released soon. For details, you can go to HeroFighter's Blog. Thank you!

Some snapshots:
[Image: drewStance.gif] [Image: lucasStance.gif]
[Image: horseRun.gif] [Image: bg_forest.jpg]

RE: HeroFighter (Martis new game) - chase123 - 06-28-2009

wow the shading is fantastic of those chars and that horse looks amazing!can't wait for this game!

RE: HeroFighter (Martis new game) - The Lost Global Mod - 06-28-2009

i already have seen this on the officials.. awesome.. can't wait to play the first beta or w/e :p

RE: HeroFighter (Martis new game) - TheNave - 06-28-2009

wow, the spriting&animating is damn great
I have to say:
awesome job Marti!!1(he'll never read that though)

RE: HeroFighter (Martis new game) - sadbhav - 06-28-2009

I am soooo proud of you **sniff** O.o

No, rly, in al srsness its pure awesome

Btw: do I see a Henry in the muscular man?

RE: HeroFighter (Martis new game) - no one - 06-28-2009

Quote:Last year, after struggling for months, I finally make a difficult decision to quit my job. And concentrate on working on my new game - Hero Fighter (HF).

He quit his job to make a free video game?

@Topic: I sure damn hope this thing is gonna have something similar to the DC system. If it does, then this is gonna be f***ing awesome (but not like it's gonna need any darn thing else to be awesome).

Please pardons my [s]sh****] French. It's just too good to believe.

RE: HeroFighter (Martis new game) - Lauli - 06-28-2009

I'm curios which new char ideas will come. Because we now pretty much got Mark & Deep as chars.Why is everybody so exeggerating with praise and amazement?
Sure it's great that there's coming out a polished version of LF2, but srsly... :
Looking forward to this.

RE: HeroFighter (Martis new game) - Alectric - 06-28-2009

more like davis :D ^
i think i read that this is going to be a flash game? but anyway, i think also it said it was online only, so you may not be able to DC it or edit it.
but we'll find out soon hopefully!
i like the overall idea of it, new chars, nwe style, also it has a ZOOM FEATURE!!!
cant wait!

RE: HeroFighter (Martis new game) - vandesdelca - 06-29-2009

is this game gonna be modable?
Btw it looks really great! similar to LF2 but with much more greater sprites! is this free downloadable game like LF2?

RE: HeroFighter (Martis new game) - Alectric - 06-29-2009

*looks at vandesdelca's post, looks at everyone elses post, and facepalms so hard that there is a big red mark on alecs face*