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[CHARs/MOD] Trio Mortale - Alblaka - 02-11-2009

[Image: 246p734.jpg]
Version 1.22

My first "mod" (yes, i call a amount of 10 chars a mod), completely finished, (i hope) debugged and even resprited. ^^

The download can be found here and includes several dat-files, even more bmp-sprites and a complete Readme with full information about installing, deinstalling and detailed character move discriptions.
And you REALLY need to download ALL files. If you start the mod without the required sprites, it will crash of course. Like all mods would do...
If you already downloaded this mod and you wan't to update it to a new version, you need in general only the main ("Trio") part, otherwise i will note it in the Update-List (4th spoiler).

Though this is my first project/mod/extension/char collection, i hope, it's good enough to be worth played. Surely completely new sprites would have been much better, but i'm glad i at least got it to recolour the standard sprites (and that was difficult (at least for me)).
The moves are debugged, state- and wpointerrors are removed, the animation are not new (they are all of the basic sprites, recoloured only), but only a few moves look like the old ones: Remixing really works ^^

Most chars are even well balanced (in my eyes, i'm not a pro, but i wouldn't call me a n00b, too), but i preferred to make it balanced for PvP, so some moves can be slightly powerful in Stage Mode.
There are some REALLY powerful moves: They are called "Ultimates". Most chars have at least one ultimate, some ones severals and one guy has none, but can combine some abilitys to make every of his attacks damn strong.
The ultimates either use masses of mp (and even hp), have a long loading time or are simply very difficult to use.
Additional nearly all characters have evading moves. This moves are used like normal moves, but (correctly timed) can revent you from getting hurt. Very useful to counter Ultimates.

And now the thing you all waited for; the screenshots:

And for everyone wanting to know more about the characters:

Further, here i will begin a buglist for all known, fixed and intendesd bugs/"bugs":
(Please read it, before you try to tell us a "new" bug)

Here you can access a list of fixes, balances and whatever, which came with new versions:

Sry, but i need to make space for my new projects, so i had to delete the attachments here.
But therefore i uploaded it on RapidShare and you now may download it from here:

Seems like Rapidshare deleted the files, here you go with a new link:

RE: [CHARs/MOD] Trio Mortale - zero_legends - 02-12-2009

Wow dude really sweet. In fact I'll download it right now ! ( didn't yet but after the post. ) . Oh and just a tip :

Upload the whole file or maybe these downloads u gave of the parts of the game in MediaFire or SaveFile. It'll save your attachment quota.

About your signature :
Alblaka's Signature Wrote:What should I do now?!

Maybe u can help me on my mod that I'm making. I'm not such a pro of DCing and some moves of the chars are really hard to DC ( for me ). The problem was school. Cause of exams I compleitly focuesd on school and forgot all the DCiend that I knew. Well I still have a little bit. Anyways if you're interested then PM me or if anyone is interested in helping me then PM me. I'll completely handle the sprites. Thanks.

RE: [CHARs/MOD] Trio Mortale - Bamboori - 02-12-2009

and one more prove that a good mod needs no (real) new sprites :)
this is my opinion^^

i didnt even download it for now (ofc i will), but according to the post you invested a lot of time thinking about every char to be perfect.
thumbs up, man!

your siggy Wrote:What should I do now?!
train your skillz, train your DC, train your Spriting...
a lot to train :P
or, if you want to make something other, try the game maker 7
thats what im doing besides school atm ^^

and, just to advertise my new smileys:
[Image: xdcs9.gif] [Image: smiley2ir2.gif] [Image: oocb4.gif] [Image: 90324706mj8.gif]

RE: [CHARs/MOD] Trio Mortale - skelguardian - 02-20-2009

wohow, thats some nice mod you got there! :p
especially for you're first time!
i agree with bamboori ;), i mostly like the looks of the characters from the original lf2 more then those from mod version =/

another thumps up from me! :p

RE: [CHARs/MOD] Trio Mortale - Faidan - 02-20-2009

and two thumbs up from me.

RE: [CHARs/MOD] Trio Mortale - Alblaka - 02-20-2009

Thx guys, but pls tell me if there are things like overpowered attacks etx in your oppinion...

I'm sure, i HAVE made errors somewhere, so it is impossible if everyone says only positive things XD

RE: [CHARs/MOD] Trio Mortale - snorsorbet - 02-21-2009

Here are some negative things:
Almost every move that requiers a charge is impossible o use practically.
And the movements of the moves are often not very fluid.
The best character is the one who looks like Dennis, because his moves don't charge forever.

RE: [CHARs/MOD] Trio Mortale - Alblaka - 02-21-2009

Stupid Firefox, seems to hadn't posted my message -.-
*typing it again*

Surely some charge times are really big. The longest should be Amaya's. the reason is simple: otherwise the attacks would be WAY to strong.
Additional, most chars (like Amaya, Avien etx) are supporters. They are perfect if they get cover by some team mates.
Characters like Ijen or Onimaru are great lone brawlers. They fight well for themselves and theire attacks have only low charge times of course ^^

RE: [CHARs/MOD] Trio Mortale - zero_legends - 02-22-2009

@ Alblaka : Wow. U really seem to be on a " thanking people spree ! ".

Back to topic :

I finally finished download and I'm really in a hurry to play cause u my pal are a good guy !

So I'll give u my opinions on the mod when I'm done playing with all chars.

PS : By the way , I'm done with Vincent's first sprite sheet : vincent_0

RE: [CHARs/MOD] Trio Mortale - Alblaka - 02-22-2009

Thx for the information, got your PN ^^ *looking on the 20 tabs with new treads/PNS* Could take some minutes until i find it XD

And the thanking spree has the reason, that i need to thank more... I think, getting thanked more often then you thank yourself is kinda stupid... Don't ask me why XD

And i really thank everyone looking in this tread... this is the first of my 10 (counting mods from all games) mods, that seems to get downloaded more then 3 times ^^