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The LFE IRC channel - Yakui - 03-31-2008

Server: or if it's messing up - Silva
Channel: #lfe


Entering the irc channel
To enter, grab any irc client, advised are mIRC, ChatZilla, XChat2, HydraIRC, etc.
We also offer a java based client on this board up there that is browserbased and will directly go to the channel! This one is advised if you're very new to irc and only wish to pay a visit to the irc for a bit. It's not optimal for staying in there on the long-run and I advise getting a more solid client. You also need java to run it.
Since it reads the forum usernames, it sadly also has a bug: If your forum name involves invalid characters such as "~" it won't let you connect to the server, so try to avoid using those characters in your name! If you do have a name on the forums involving invalid characters and are thus not able to connect, contact an administrator such as MH-Razen to request a name change if you wish.
If that's the case just use freenode's java client as an alternative where you can set up your name for entering.

Other information
-> Netiquette applies as always. Just don't troll, flame or whatever, don't bother with illegal links, wares, etc. Please note that swearing in the channel can happen usually since it's rather lax compared to the forums, so take care!

Ops are staff that will join, or nice non-staff, depending, really.

You can obviously also ask for LF2 network fights here, however consider that when a person says "no", accept it and don't continue to bother them, please <: Also, instead of throwing your IP into the channel I advise PMing (yes IRC has a PM function per "/msg <user> <message>"), however that's a choice of your own to take and doesn't quite matter really anyways since we should be all nice in there.

So yeah, really, talk about anything here, and have fun. I recommend "lurking"/"idling", as in waiting for conversation to pop up by staying on the channel instead of quitting a minute after joining, there's a higher chance you'll get into conversation with people!

Oh yeah and hint: Have a look at irc guides, and if you're there to stay, I advise registering your nick and getting more familiar with the commands.

We hope to see you in there soon!

RE: The LFE IRC channel - Sinow Rappy - 03-31-2008

Aaah, I hope this works out! I'll try to be online as much as possible! :P

RE: The LFE IRC channel - Yakui - 04-01-2008

Yes, it's rather silent and small right now, but if we get people to check it out and lurk there everything's going to be great.

RE: The LFE IRC channel - Ramond - 04-01-2008

Why it doesn't work D:

Hey DON didn't you figure it out now - Cirno

RE: The LFE IRC channel - Boop - 04-01-2008

Yo, I'm on there most of the time so if you go there and leave a message I'll answer you :p (IRC is a great way to bug me and make me do something).

RE: The LFE IRC channel - RectumHoward - 04-03-2008

When I get onto, it asks for a user name and a password. What should I do?


RE: The LFE IRC channel - Yakui - 04-14-2008

RectumHoward Wrote:When I get onto, it asks for a user name and a password. What should I do?

What client are you using, what exactly does it say?

..also, bumping this thread as the irc is pretty much dead unless I'm on.

RE: The LFE IRC channel - Yakui - 05-15-2008

A bump to drag attention to the irc, it now has a little icon up there on the top right of the forums that links to a browserbased java client just for you guys.
Thanks MH!

So yeah I added some information in the first post about it and restructured it, feel free to join in!


A short bump to attract some more attention, it's literally dead.
I'm on there most of the day when my laptop's on, so if you just lurk around and leave your client running or something I should show up eventually.

There's no way of getting activity into this without frequent lurkers, even the smallest one can help!

RE: The LFE IRC channel - MH-Razen - 05-20-2008

I informed marti about the existence of a LF2 IRC Chanel...

RE: The LFE IRC channel - Yakui - 05-20-2008

MH-Razen Wrote:I informed marti about the existence of a LF2 IRC Chanel...

..oh wow, however at the moment it's incredibly empty usually, besides the occasional Sinow and the rare Silva + the frequent me, plus I don't think it'd be that significant anyways.

Also overall people don't seem to understand the idea of being a regular
Check it up.