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RE: New Theme(s) - Silverthorn - 01-08-2010

Wow, it has been a year since the last theme release. To be honest, if the world was spinning around me I wouldn't have added anything new the next 10 years either.

However, there was one guy who kept bothering me and/or MH, which, in the end, resulted in a new theme. Yes, you read right.

LFE-Purple has been released

Make an educated guess on who was the on that was bothering me......
The avatar fits well to the theme (Click to View)

So, mad props to Phil, who did the most work, I just refined some flaws or readjusted colors. Give him an applause and me a cup of tea. I'm done with themes for this year, I think.

Enjoy :)

PS: if you find any bugs, post them here. kthxbye.

RE: New Theme(s) - Bamboori - 01-08-2010

theres one bug: you cant select it :P

RE: New Theme(s) - Lauli - 01-08-2010

Aaargh, the spoilers, they burn my eyes x(

RE: New Theme(s) - The Lost Global Mod - 01-08-2010

would be cool if you could post an fitting color in "your eyes".. as i am doing hard without photoshop to find some right hexing codes :(
(bp knows how i found out the others.. per pure guessing :D)

RE: New Theme(s) - Eddie - 01-08-2010

Well, here's a website with colour charts, for later use, with over 1000 different hex colours, yay:

just keeping the forum updated on all the tasty little bits :P.

Purple is a bit wierd, just tested it bless. Although, after a while, it's not that bad.

RE: New Theme(s) - The Lost Global Mod - 01-08-2010

edited the spoiler.. how is it now?
oh and thanks for testing ^^

RE: New Theme(s) - Ascor - 01-08-2010

IMO you should eddit the spoiler text colour
White on white is hard to read

RE: New Theme(s) - The Lost Global Mod - 01-08-2010

well then you got weak eyes, my friend... the text is in bold.. so it is easily readable in my opinion and bp thought so as well.. but if more of you think that way ofc we can change that ^^

RE: New Theme(s) - Ramond - 01-09-2010

Oh I changed to purple a few days ago just for testing purposes and meanwhile I completely forgot to switch it back to default, lol

RE: New Theme(s) - BizarreHare - 01-13-2010

Dude, since Phil got his choise i was wondering if u could try out Orangy :D
hmmmhmmm? :)
drat* i wish there was an annoying smiliey that allways raised it's eyebrows still using the purple theme...