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RE: New Theme - Zabobula - 11-10-2008

Actually I like the black theme idea Guigs suggested.

RE: New Theme - Guigs - 11-10-2008

My tension says you're going to do a blackish :D

RE: New Theme - Silverthorn - 11-10-2008

lol, it's like zab's story-thingy :D
People start assuming things.... But yea, I had some time to work on the next theme today. However, for bug-fixing purposes, I won't release it before the end of this week :P

RE: New Theme - Silverthorn - 11-16-2008

Bump for announcement of the next theme.

LFE-Green has been released!!!

Not that I'm totally proud of it, it was just time for the next theme to come out. And I finished it in time :D

So yea, in addition to that, the buttons of LFE-Red have been adjusted to fit the color.
No ideas of improvement here, I won't update anything anyways :P

So yea, just wanted to let you all know. And warning, if you're used to the "darker themes", your eyes will get pierced. I warned you. And I won't darken the theme. Why? Because I'm lazy :P

RE: New Theme(s) - Hukko - 11-16-2008

Good work.

RE: New Theme(s) - SamuelKPeter - 11-16-2008

You just made my day.

At least for me my posts seems readable, BTW.

RE: New Theme(s) - Bamboori - 11-17-2008

very nice, using the green.
but i want a pseudo-black one ^^

RE: New Theme(s) - Zabobula - 11-17-2008

Yeah when is the black theme coming out?

RE: New Theme(s) - Guigs - 11-17-2008

Don't know but i think i would like more the black theme.
and it even economizes energy :D

RE: New Theme(s) - sadbhav - 11-18-2008

What ever you do my fav is always blue....
Anyways wouldn't a too much colourful one look funny?