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[Question] Name of a modification - tomaszek866 - 01-23-2019

Hello everyone! My first post here :D
Anyway I'll get straight to the point. Does anyone has a link (or at least remember the name) of a version, where there was a completely different version of Wraith Sorcerer: If I remember correctly his normal attack served as throwing dark-blue ball which would rotate around itself, could destroy anything and was destroying itself when hitting someone (sorry, if it seems illogical). I can't remember anything more though :/ There was also a video at Youtube where in stage mod, when reaching that Sorcerer (he served as boss), the whole stage was covered in blue transparent filtler, which could destroy all balls and weapons.
Any help? (sorry if it was already posted or if I posted it in the wrong thread)

RE: [Question] Name of a modification - STM1993 - 01-24-2019

Might be one of the old versions of LF2 Sidestory by Blue Ghost.
Here's a link to his old website:

RE: [Question] Name of a modification - tomaszek866 - 01-24-2019

Yes, it's the Sx2 one, thank you very much :)