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Decompiling lf2 - open source nature - 11-11-2018

Hello everyone, the program that i use to decompile and to show the source code of lf2 is snow man decompiler and this is the download link

RE: Decompiling lf2 - Uri - 11-11-2018

the normal C++ code? ain't LF2 now built upon assembly which enables the structure of our data programming language? if it's still built on c++, is it possible to edit the code using this compiler?

RE: Decompiling lf2 - MangaD - 11-11-2018

Well, there are many decompilers out there. But they usually don't produce a code that you can just edit and compile yourself. It takes more work to get an open source version of LF2, but this is an useful step.

RE: Decompiling lf2 - zort - 11-11-2018


RE: Decompiling lf2 - open source nature - 11-11-2018

Everything is possible, and yes the code is already edited and finished, its all thanks to snow man, but the thing to do now is to transform everything into readable words for you to understand.

RE: Decompiling lf2 - Uri - 11-11-2018

Wow that's good. way better than having to kill ourselves with trying to read assembly.

Is it C++ or a more sophisticated programming language?

RE: Decompiling lf2 - open source nature - 11-11-2018

Yes it is c++, but i think i should remove all of this lf2 source code text, this text is so large.

RE: Decompiling lf2 - Silverthorn - 11-16-2018

Honestly, this is not so much different from assembler. If you know and understand asm logic, it's about as readable as this. Simply running a tool over an executable doesn't make it anymore readable or understandable; if it was that easy, every 13 year old would be able to crack those $1k+ softwares.

While I appreciate the thought, additional effort needs to be invested to transform it into something actually readable (fun fact: there are championships on creating obfuscated C code). Check for example this post by @o_g349 who converted a couple selected functions to a human readable format.

Long story short, nice find! Needs some post-work, though... Wobble

RE: Decompiling lf2 - MangaD - 11-17-2018

I prefer using Cutter. It lets you edit the assembly and save it to the exe file.

[Image: kxMg8Dw.png]

RE: Decompiling lf2 - open source nature - 11-28-2018

Does anyone know what is the lf2 hex editing code for privacy and public in lf2, i think i found a easier way to let lf2.exe itself show all of the source code files in the lf2 directory and even the resources :D, i think the lf2 spread sheet needs a little more upgrade :D.