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[HowTo] Fix 2.0 crashing - Boop - 09-12-2008

Everyone that is having problems with running lf2 2.0 should go and download this update from microsoft:

I made a new thread just incase people don't read the main lf2 2.0 thread. I'm not sure if this is cause for everyones problem but it did fix Cirno's problem!

RE: [HowTo] Fix 2.0 crashing - Hukko - 09-12-2008

so, thank you

RE: [HowTo] Fix 2.0 crashing - Hypermodder - 09-13-2008


Silva, you are the best-

now it works^^

Would be sensefull to add this download link to the lf2v2.0-download-link!

RE: [HowTo] Fix 2.0 crashing - PL_PODLy - 09-13-2008

gj more than 50% players had this problem :)

RE: [HowTo] Fix 2.0 crashing - Ascor - 09-13-2008

i have another problem
it says
Little fighter 2 has an problem and has to be closed

RE: [HowTo] Fix 2.0 crashing - Silverthorn - 09-13-2008

(09-13-2008, 12:24 PM)Lf2-hacker Wrote:  i have another problem
it says
Little fighter 2 has an problem and has to be closed

Memory issues I guess. This usually just happens if you're running other applications. Also, you might need to check whether all sprites/data are there (which they should be if you freshly installed LF2)

RE: [HowTo] Fix 2.0 crashing - Ascor - 09-13-2008

Now it works
i had to close msn

RE: [HowTo] Fix 2.0 crashing - rikumaster - 09-14-2008

but i think now we need another ultimate patcher , and other progs for, modding!!!

RE: [HowTo] Fix 2.0 crashing - Montblanc - 09-15-2008

it doesnt work for me for some reason. it says "this application has failed to start because this application configuration is incorrect"

RE: [HowTo] Fix 2.0 crashing - KaywonnJuto - 01-29-2009

Hey can't you post this onto
So once people start downloading it
it'll work this time... ;)
Ask - Marti or Starsky if they can...