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fidget spinner - Nyamaiku - 06-15-2017

tired of being bullied by those that call themselves "alpha"?
[Image: p7ZWRvd.gif]

now with this new weapon....
[Image: aOMfqBb.gif]

you can now overwhelm your opponents with your superior autism!
[Image: LzLdVAQ.gif]

download link: fidget spinner download

RE: fidget spinner - Simoneon - 06-15-2017

I like mods which emphasise on the most recent cultural swings. Good job!

(also a very nice presentation indeed)

RE: fidget spinner - Gad - 06-16-2017

Good job! Love the sprites and what does it do to armored enemies!

RE: fidget spinner - Silverthorn - 01-20-2018