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Contest #23: Tournament - MangaD - 07-31-2016

LF2 Tournament

The tournament will be a regular single-elimination tournament, with a 3rd place playoff, where the 2 semifinal losers compete for 3rd place.

The tournament starts at 1st August. The 1st and 2nd rounds start both at the same time.


1st round: 5th August.
2nd round: 10th August.
3rd round: 15th August.
Semifinals: 20th August.
Finals: 25th August.

Tournament ended at 11th August.

  • Use an unmodified version of LF2 v2.0(a)
  • The winner of a pairing is decided by "Best of Five": 5 matches are fought, the one that has more wins succeeds. Semifinals and Bronze match are "Best of Seven". Finals are "Best of Nine".
  • As proof, all matches are to be recorded and posted, for example on with a link to the replays in a post here.
  • Participants may also pick any character, except: Julian, Firzen and Louis Ex
    (If is used to pick a non-standard character, use again to deactivate the cheat)
  • For each match, you must pick a different character! The first match will be Random. The second match, the winner picks first and the loser gets to counter pick. And so on.
  • The default background is HK Coliseum. If both opponents agree, a different background may be chosen.
  • Breaking any of the following rules means losing the fight to his rival, in which the violation occurred, unless a rival decides otherwise:
    • Usage of the Function-keys is prohibited (ie. F6, F7, F8, F9). The same applies for entering the cheat ( which would allow a transformation of Louis to Louis EX at full HP.
    • Using the F1 key (pause) during an attack is prohibited.
    • Drinking milk and beer is prohibited.
    • Combos where a player can juggle his opponent using the same move against a wall over and over again is prohibited.
    • Prolonging the DoP (dance of pain, stunned state where the enemy is unable to move) for more than 1 attack is prohibited.
    • Attack limits per fight:
      • Henry: Sonata of the Death (D ^ J) is prohibited.
  • Transformation of Louis into Louis EX is allowed.
  • When a participant gives up, his opponent will automatically be the winner of that duel.
  • Each round has a 5 days period to take place, but can be extended on prior demand due to foreseen circumstances. If two opponents do not fight each other (due to organizational problems), a winner will be chosen by me, depending on who is the most active around here during that time period. If the problem is related with Internet connection, the one with worse connection is taken out.
  • If someone crashes during a fight, that person will automatically lose, unless his opponent decides otherwise.

The joining-phase ends on Sunday, July 31th GMT!!
(there may be some hours tolerance until next day)

Good luck to all participants :)

Useful programs to connect to each other:

If you need help, please check this page.


You may contact your opponent via private message (PM) in this board (links below). Alternatively you can idle at #lfe IRC channel if your opponent visits there.


Player names in strike-through have been defeated.
  1. Adijanko (PM)
  2. Apczu (PM)
  3. Arthur (PM)
  4. As098 (PM)
  5. Bamboori (PM)
  6. BiYoRi (PM)
  7. Broda (PM)
  8. Davidharry (PM)
  9. Indiger (PM)
  10. kamiloslav (PM)
  11. Kevin (PM)
  12. LeoGautama (PM)
  13. LutiChris (PM)
  14. MangaD (PM)
  15. Biedronka (mfc) (PM)
  16. prince_freeza (PM)
  17. STM1993 (PM)
  18. Trouble Maker (PM)
  19. Vegetadasaiyan (PM)



Round 1 (1st August — 5th August) (Click to View)
Round 2 (1st August — 10th August) (Click to View)
Round 3 (4th August — 11th August) (Click to View)
Semifinals (8th August — 11th August) (Click to View)
Bronze Match (11th August) (Click to View)
Finals (11th August) (Click to View)

The winners:

1st: kamiloslav
2nd: LeoGautama
3rd: Biedronka (mfc)

RE: Contest #23: Tournament - A-Man - 08-01-2016

I'll got ahead and state my prediction:
Kevin wins.

RE: Contest #23: Tournament - STM1993 - 08-01-2016

Just for the record, I'll be on #lfe irc most of the time. Won't be available on Thursdays, weekends preferred, preferred time GMT+8 19:00-00:00.

@Davidharry - we're up against each other in round 2.
@Broda - we're up against each other in round 3.

For my easy reference to check player activity.
@Adijanko ; unable to play
@kamiloslav - Champion #1
@LeoGautama - Finalist #2
@mfc - Bronze #3
@STM1993 - bronze lost #4
@Trouble Maker ; inactive
@Vegetadasaiyan ; inactive

RE: Contest #23: Tournament - Kevin - 08-02-2016

(08-01-2016, 09:32 AM)A-Man Wrote:  I'll got ahead and state my prediction:
Kevin wins.

Haha my bet would be losing in the first round xD . Literally. Although I don't know my opponent. But I'll do my best. But really, I have to install GG chat messenger? >__> . I'm trying to tell him to use LFE's IRC chat. But not much time either until round 1 finishes.

RE: Contest #23: Tournament - Broda - 08-03-2016

Broda 4:1 BiYoRi

RE: Contest #23: Tournament - MangaD - 08-03-2016

(08-03-2016, 07:05 PM)Broda Wrote:  Broda 4:1 BiYoRi

You will have to upload the recordings somewhere, for example at:

I'll have to check them to see if everything is according to the rules.

Broda 3:2 MangaD

RE: Contest #23: Tournament - Xain A. Latif - 08-04-2016

Sir, How can I participate in Tournament. I have LF2 Lobby. :( :(

RE: Contest #23: Tournament - STM1993 - 08-04-2016

(08-04-2016, 06:06 AM)Xain A. Latif Wrote:  Sir, How can I participate in Tournament. I have LF2 Lobby.   :(  :(
You missed the signup date on 31 July, so...

That said, you can lurk around #lfe. We sometimes have spontaneous non-tournament fights or even survival in there, mostly in the period between 16:00-00:00 for your GMT+5 time since majority of the players are from Europe.

RE: Contest #23: Tournament - Rhino.Freak - 08-04-2016

Good luck people! :P

RE: Contest #23: Tournament - MangaD - 08-04-2016

- Round 1 is over -

First post has been updated with the results and links to the replays.

Edit: There is no start date for rounds. So you can start the 3rd round as soon as you're ready.

Edit 2: Tournament info updated. Semifinals and Bronze match are "Best of Seven". Finals are "Best of Nine".