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Posted by: Silverthorn - 10-23-2015, 04:36 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (6)

As indicated previously, the opportunity to use HTML in signatures gives people the chance to introduce malevolent code to the site that, in the best case, creates minor inconveniences. However, it is also possible to break the entire site layout or to even compromise people's security.

It is for this reason that I am forced to remove any HTML-priviledges that have existed and announce that post-formatting will, from this point onwards, exclusively be available via BBCode (the codes in [brackets]). The only exception are admins (aka. MH and I) who are advised to use it as little as possible (i.e. for demonstrations or announcements) and omit it whereever possible.

Now, some of you are particularly fond of using tables, myself included. Personally, I would have liked to add some BBCode for tables into the editor. By using tables, though, it is extremely easy to break the forum layout as well. In fact, looking at any previous "help, my post broke the forum layout" had some sort of wonky table that simply was not used correctly (most of the time, more closing than opening tags and the like). Writing regular expressions (the magical link that transforms BBCode into displayable HTML-Code inside your browser) for tables (and especially nested tables) is close to impossible, if not impossible by definition. For these reasons, you will not find an alternative solution to insert tables.

Not the typical "hey, new feature"-post but I guess it's important enough to get its own announcement, too. I guess now it's time to fix up some signatures ;)

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  Public events
Posted by: Silverthorn - 10-17-2015, 08:14 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (3)

You might have noticed the newly added tab at the top right corner called "running events". This is a little thingummy that will, as the name implies, list up to 3 of the most imminent events taking place. The following is a small list of the features implemented.

Visibility: self
Every event that anyone posts will be visible to them, no matter whether they are public or private. In other words, if you set an event, it will only be displayed to you, nobody else. The difference to public events is that those will be visible in the calendar for anybody. This behavior is completely independent of usergroups.

Visibility: others
By default, only users with moderating priviledges may place public events in the tab. This is to keep the amount of items minimal and reduced to interesting/important bits. For community-organized events with deadlines and the like, please inform a moderator (ideally by reporting your own thread) so that he can add your topic to the tab.

Event type
Only single events are supported. The way recurring events are stored in the database is absolutely ugly and I don't want to invest heaps of time to allow both of them. They kind of work in a way that the first date of the recurring events is shown but any following is ignored. Keep that in mind in case you wonder why a recurring event you set a year ago will not appear anytime it should.

The list will only contain entries that lay in the future. Due to the way single event dates are stored in the database, the cutoff-time is midnight GMT. So, if you set the event date to "29 Nov 2015", it will be treated as "29 Nov 2015, 00:00 GMT" and hence will disappear after that date/time.
UPDATE: events are now treated as happening midday instead of midnight! In other words, setting the event date to "29 Nov 2015" will imply a datetime of "29 Nov 2015, 12:00 GMT". I hope this clears out some confusion.
To check the current GMT-date/time, scroll down at any page within the forums; at the bottom right, your current time and GMT-time will flip back and forth in the bottom right.

Alright, that's all. Just giving you a little heads up about what this thing does and what not ;)

tl;dr: if you have some sort of event that should pop up at the top right, inform a mod, yo :p

edit: I have been informed that the font rendering might appear bugged. If it looks similar to

please refresh your cache (for Firefox, this would be Ctrl+R) to reload the updated stylesheet.

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  Contest #22: Spriting challenge
Posted by: Silverthorn - 10-17-2015, 01:14 PM - Forum: Contests - Replies (71)

The official LFE-contests are back! Now with increased awesomeness! Exclamation marks for good measure!

After a hiatus of over two years, we are finally going to launch a new round. As the title implies, it will be related to spriting! However, because a single sprite would be boring and we have all seen our fair share of those, we're going to add a little twist to it! Get hyped, for the topic is:

Multi-theme Sprites


  • 5 sprites are to be created; 1 for each of the following themes:
    1. Grunt* as a main character
      *Grunts are: Bandit, Hunter, Mark, Jack, Sorcerer, Monk, Jan, Knight, and Justin.
    2. Creature (i.e. something which does not exhibit humanly traits)
    3. Character from a video-game or an anime of your choice (please provide an image to compare how he/she originally looks)
    4. Female
    5. Character representing an LFE-member performing a special attack*
      *effects may be added, as long as the character-design is still easily visible
    As you can imagine, overlap between these topics is possible (e.g. a "Grunt to Main" of Jan would also fit under "Female"). In this case, you're free to choose in which category you wish to enter your sprite in; entering the same sprite in both is not possible because you are expected to create 5 sprites in total. Please also split each sprite into a separate file, so it will be easier for voting.
  • The voting will be a little different from normal. Each of the above themes will receive its own poll. The winner of a poll will receive N* points, the second will receive N-1 points, third gets N-2 points, and so on. The final winner is the one who accumulates the most points. In this way, you could also participate with less than 5 sprites, however, your chances to reach top rankings drop massively because you essentially forfeit some points. During the voting procedure, the poll results will remain hidden and only be revealed upon completion of the poll.
    * the number of points N will be determined by how many people enter the contest, after the submission-deadline.
  • Standard size (80x80 or 100x100) for the characters, the creature may be twice as large (up to 200x200). You may create larger sprites but they will be downscaled in the polls (and I'll do it the worst way possible, so better do it yourself :p)
  • Copy-pasted chars are accepted but original ones are preferred
  • Sprites may be animated but do not need to be
  • Post your entries in this thread, preferably all in one post, so I can later collect them more easily. If you wish to remain anonymous during submission- and voting-phase, you may as well send the entries to me via Private Message; I will then add your name after completion of the votings.
Submit your entries before Sunday, November 29th!!

Good luck to all participants :)

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  LFE v3-Theme
Posted by: Silverthorn - 11-09-2014, 12:05 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (8)

[Image: lfe-forums-v3-banner.png]

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...
Blue Phoenix embarked on a journey to bring darkness to the forums.

On a more serious note, though, I'm happy to release the new forum theme to public, called (as you might've guessed already) "LFE v3". It is pretty much a hybrid between the old LFE v2 theme in terms of styles and the white MyBB-theme for structure (porting every tiny aspect of v2 just wouldn't have been feasible anyways).

This is going to be the default forum theme (white will stay selectable), so if you plan on keeping white, please head over to your User CP > Edit options and readjust it manually. Just give it a shot beforehand, though, you might like it ;)

Originally, it was planned to ship out together with a fixed version of the editor. However, considering that its code is much more beasty than I feared (paired with the fact that I am lacking the time to completely understand its workings), that'll have to be prolonged. Hope you can deal bear with it.

If you find any bugs related to the theme, please inform me about them. If you can't find any, even better. But for now, enjoy! :)

edit: it has occured to me that the login-form is somewhat broken. I'm fixing it right now.
edit2: fix'd edit1 :p

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