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  Server switch
Posted by: Silverthorn - 10-20-2019, 11:52 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (2)

Just a quick info that LFE's moving to a different host tomorrow. Even though it feels a bit silly to say, please note that mainsite and forums can, might, should, or will be unavailable during the transfer.

@MH-Razen will provide additional info once the switch is completed.

First thread in here for 3 years, nice! Wobble

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  Contest #24: Spriting Tournament
Posted by: Silverthorn - 01-14-2017, 10:32 AM - Forum: Contests - Replies (82)

<MangaD> Silverthorn, any plans for a contest at 2017?
<Silverthorn> hmmm
<Silverthorn> I don't know
<MangaD> contest! contest! contest! (•̀o•́)ง

Thou askest and thou shalt receive!

Sprite your way to victory!

How this works:

  • In round 1, anybody may submit an entry to the theme shown below
  • After the deadline, anybody may vote on the entries.
  • Depending on the number of entries, the top X will advance to round 2
  • Same procedure as with round 1, the remaining participants will create a sprite matching a (yet secret) theme, after the deadline a poll will be made and the best Y will advance to round 3. Again, this will go on depending on the total number of entries submitted in round 1.

The following may differ from round to round, so please check back here before starting to work on a new theme!

Requirements (Round 1):
  • Create a new sprite according to the theme: BATTLES
  • Size: standard (80px or 100px).
  • You may create several individuals interacting with each other (up to 3).
  • Animations are not required but are welcome.
  • One entry per participant.
  • Post your entry in this thread. If you wish to remain anonymous during submission- and voting-phase, you may as well send the entry to me via Private Message; I will then add your name after completion of the votings of round 1.
Please submit your entries before Sunday, February 12th Monday, February 20th!!
Poll results (Click to View)

Requirements (Round 2):
  • Create a new sprite according to the theme: MYTHOLOGY
  • Size: double-sized (160px or 200px).
  • You may create several individuals interacting with each other (up to 3).
  • Animations are not required but are welcome.
  • One entry per participant.
  • The top 5 of round 1 are eligible to enter and are set for the popular vote. The best 3 will advance to the final round 3.
    However, there is an exception. Others may create an entry as well; there is a chance that one of the extra-participants may reach round 3 as well (yielding potentially 4 participants then). The conditions for that are as follows:
    • There are at least 2 extra-submissions. The participant with the greater number of votes will eliminate all other extra-entries.
      Example: Anon 4, 5, and 6 joined in. Anon 4 got 4 votes, 5 got 5, 6 got 6. In that case, Anons 4 and 5 would be out.
    • In the poll, the extra-entry must score higher than the third place of the round 1-winners.
      Example: let's assume Anon 1 had 10 votes, Anon 2 had 9, and Anon 3 had 8 votes. The extra-entry would then need at least 9 votes to advance to round 3. Anons 1, 2, & 3 would nevertheless advance to round 3.
    • The two that dropped out of round 1 may enter as well. For the vote, they will fall into the extra-group. Additionally, they will retain the number of votes from round 1 in addition to any extra ones from round 2.
      Example: @AmadisLFE participated again and got 5 votes on his entry. Together with the 3 votes from the last round, he would have a total of 8 votes.
  • Post your entry in this thread. If you wish to remain anonymous during submission- and voting-phase, you may as well send the entry to me via Private Message; I will then add your name after you either drop out or when the contest ends.
Please submit your entries before Sunday, March 12th Sunday, March 19th!!

Poll results (Click to View)

Requirements (Round 3):
  • Create a new sprite according to the theme: TRIPLE SPRITES
  • Size: normal-size (80px or 100px).
  • As the theme implies, you are to create three individuals that may interact with each other.
  • Animations are not required but are welcome.
  • One entry per participant.
  • The winner of this contest will be determined in a popular poll.
  • Post your entry in this thread. If you wish to remain anonymous during submission- and voting-phase, you may as well send the entry to me via Private Message; I will then add your name after the voting phase.
Please submit your entries before Wednesday, April 12th!!*
*if all participants are okay with this we can end this prematurely when all entries are in. Please notify me as soon as you can.

Poll results (Click to View)
Good luck to all participants :)
Thank you all for participating in either spriting and/or voting!

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  Opening of the "LF2 Extended" forum
Posted by: Silverthorn - 10-19-2016, 06:45 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (1)

Ey oh 'ello, remember the LF2 extended-thread? Well, due to the stagnant progress, the creators have agreed to open up the forum to the public. You can check it out by following this link.

This forum mainly serves as an archive (which is why you cannot post new threads in there); you can, however, post in existing threads. If you plan on continuing any of the projects, please be sure to read the info-thread beforehand so everything is cool and clear.

Just thought of letting you know ;)

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  Contest #23: Tournament
Posted by: MangaD - 07-31-2016, 11:33 PM - Forum: Contests - Replies (21)

LF2 Tournament

The tournament will be a regular single-elimination tournament, with a 3rd place playoff, where the 2 semifinal losers compete for 3rd place.

The tournament starts at 1st August. The 1st and 2nd rounds start both at the same time.


1st round: 5th August.
2nd round: 10th August.
3rd round: 15th August.
Semifinals: 20th August.
Finals: 25th August.

Tournament ended at 11th August.

  • Use an unmodified version of LF2 v2.0(a)
  • The winner of a pairing is decided by "Best of Five": 5 matches are fought, the one that has more wins succeeds. Semifinals and Bronze match are "Best of Seven". Finals are "Best of Nine".
  • As proof, all matches are to be recorded and posted, for example on http://lf2replays.appspot.com/ with a link to the replays in a post here.
  • Participants may also pick any character, except: Julian, Firzen and Louis Ex
    (If lf2.net is used to pick a non-standard character, use lf2.net again to deactivate the cheat)
  • For each match, you must pick a different character! The first match will be Random. The second match, the winner picks first and the loser gets to counter pick. And so on.
  • The default background is HK Coliseum. If both opponents agree, a different background may be chosen.
  • Breaking any of the following rules means losing the fight to his rival, in which the violation occurred, unless a rival decides otherwise:
    • Usage of the Function-keys is prohibited (ie. F6, F7, F8, F9). The same applies for entering the cheat (lf2.net) which would allow a transformation of Louis to Louis EX at full HP.
    • Using the F1 key (pause) during an attack is prohibited.
    • Drinking milk and beer is prohibited.
    • Combos where a player can juggle his opponent using the same move against a wall over and over again is prohibited.
    • Prolonging the DoP (dance of pain, stunned state where the enemy is unable to move) for more than 1 attack is prohibited.
    • Attack limits per fight:
      • Henry: Sonata of the Death (D ^ J) is prohibited.
  • Transformation of Louis into Louis EX is allowed.
  • When a participant gives up, his opponent will automatically be the winner of that duel.
  • Each round has a 5 days period to take place, but can be extended on prior demand due to foreseen circumstances. If two opponents do not fight each other (due to organizational problems), a winner will be chosen by me, depending on who is the most active around here during that time period. If the problem is related with Internet connection, the one with worse connection is taken out.
  • If someone crashes during a fight, that person will automatically lose, unless his opponent decides otherwise.

The joining-phase ends on Sunday, July 31th GMT!!
(there may be some hours tolerance until next day)

Good luck to all participants :)

Useful programs to connect to each other:

If you need help, please check this page.


You may contact your opponent via private message (PM) in this board (links below). Alternatively you can idle at #lfe IRC channel if your opponent visits there.


Player names in strike-through have been defeated.
  1. Adijanko (PM)
  2. Apczu (PM)
  3. Arthur (PM)
  4. As098 (PM)
  5. Bamboori (PM)
  6. BiYoRi (PM)
  7. Broda (PM)
  8. Davidharry (PM)
  9. Indiger (PM)
  10. kamiloslav (PM)
  11. Kevin (PM)
  12. LeoGautama (PM)
  13. LutiChris (PM)
  14. MangaD (PM)
  15. Biedronka (mfc) (PM)
  16. prince_freeza (PM)
  17. STM1993 (PM)
  18. Trouble Maker (PM)
  19. Vegetadasaiyan (PM)

Pairings: http://challonge.com/LFE_Tournament_23


Round 1 (1st August — 5th August) (Click to View)
Round 2 (1st August — 10th August) (Click to View)
Round 3 (4th August — 11th August) (Click to View)
Semifinals (8th August — 11th August) (Click to View)
Bronze Match (11th August) (Click to View)
Finals (11th August) (Click to View)

The winners:

1st: kamiloslav
2nd: LeoGautama
3rd: Biedronka (mfc)

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