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[Image: screenies.png]
from left to right:
the D>A projectile, 2 hits of the DvA combo,
D^J float over enemy attacks, D>J random-rushing-while-holding-umbrella attack
finaly,Aiden and Davis enjoying milk together after taking screenies
and Davis having a stomach ache after noticing his milk was expired

heres a video that show his moves,made by Bat Tamer (of the old version):

this is the reworked version, the old version is in the spoiler:

-Gad for original sprites
-Onikage (Prince Freeza) for face pic
-others at LFE forum for giving suggestions and helping
Just tested it, I like it.
D>J is fine, no need to edit.
D>A.... you may make the wind a bit short distance.
The D^J was very smooth but you should the change the umbrella opening sound(box sound don't match with it)
thanks for trying first, how about a hug?
back to topic
i see what you mean, if the *multi hitting/balls busting/defend breaking/enemy stunning/item sweeping* projectile moves that far, it may be a bit OP
but every character has a move that was a bit OP right?
anyway, as suggested, D>A distance is now shorter
D>A now travels a bit more than half the screen(used to travel from one side of the screen to almost the other side of the screen)

about the sound of the umbrella opening, any suggestions? i tried some others but 037 still seems better and more fitting...
at least to me it sounds like the noise when you open an umbrella suddenly
Can't play LF2 for now. Although it looks pretty nice.
Posting a video would really be a great step to make me comment it more ;).
I found a site that let me edit audio and I used it to make a sound that hopefully works better.


I tried him out and he is very interesting. Gad's sprites are amazing. Although the DC is pretty basic, this is still very LF2-esque for your first character. The sprite placement is the only issue I have, but that takes time. I really like this character!

Here's my feedback
-Increase the dvy of DFA's umbrella so the opponent won't fly up.
-I love how you made the last part of his running attack send the opponent backwards. However, having a little more time to do special moves wouldn't hurt.
-He jumps slightly higher than normal when doing DUJ. My concern is how high he goes from the boost when he opens his umbrella. The move is very useful as it is right now and I think it could be lowered a little so he doesn't have too much advantage. Only Firzen and Julian can counter a move that high up. Increase the cost as well; I think it's a little too low.
-I read your thread about changing directions for his DUJ. I think I understand your idea and it isn't bad, but it isn't fully necessary. I wouldn't mind either way however.
-You can lower the dvx at the end of DFJ if you want to stop him from sliding as much after the move (I feel your character slides a little more than usual LF2). Raise the MP cost of opening the umbrella after the move since it does a good amount of damage. I think 40-50 would do.
about posting a video... im not sure how to do it...i thought about making gifs at first but i seriously dunno how

now to Bat Tamer,
-i tried the sound but thats not what i had in mind, have you ever tried opening an umbrella quickly and suddenly? it makes a kind of...well, "buomph" sound (im not sure if anybody understand) ,thanks anyway
-the D>A umbrella hit with less dvy only at times for more damage or combos, might experiment a bit and maybe edit it though, but i think the opponent only fly up when he is hit by the shock of the umbrella hitting the ground or the shockwave projectile hitting him
-about the special moves link from run attack, will try to add some more time while not making the animations and dvy hitting and all those look strange
-about DUJ...its purposely done to fly that high just to give him enough air time, and the mp cost is only 25 because you wont have much of an option when using it, plus there is also quite a high possibility you will get hit when landing...but i will check on it
-about the D>J sliding, will edit...and the umbrella opening cost, i thought i put 50? nvm,will look into it

will update the download some time later as im preparing for an important exam next week, might be quite some time until next upload upmost concern is still the face pic, as im getting more and more depressed when looking at my own drawing...i think i have to face the reality that i simply cant sprite :'(
Download a screen recorder - Fraps, Hypercam, Camtasia studio, snagit, or whichever you want, then just record the video and put it on youtube ;)
Try this site then. I'll make a video for you after you make another release. I can make one now, but that would be outdated soon enough. I can also make gifs for you as well.
Really perfect char. You actually amazed me
His moves are simply awesome
Anyway I can help you about making the face pic
little question for those who tested this: can you all manage to do the special moves link from run attack?
i guess those who are familiar with woody's basic combos should be ok with it

download updated in first post

for bat tamer:
i checked sound snap and it seems like i need to pay for the sad:(
anyway,regarding previous post:
and i think you can make a video for now...this char is almost done except the face pic and maybe the umbrella sound
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