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Yay, Robyn is ready! Hopefully tomorrow I'll write an AI and put here download link, for now, present for Lauli:

Yeah, my camstudio didn't want to record audio.

(08-11-2013, 01:06 AM)YinYin Wrote: [ -> ]Alright I had a look at it to understand. And now I see Robyn himself is holding objects within that frame range.
Some more thinking and I think I got why you are doing it that way: to not have bat/scythe/etc sticking out of the quiver with their handle cut-off sprites.
Well I can only suggest the +140 picture shift to make those frames invisible (or showing something different) when not required graphically.
After setting all the wpoints, I left with only 4 frames from those 15, and because using state: 8xxx gave me just more trouble, I gave up. Deleted bounce effect, so usually arrow just disappear after hit. However because of those 4 frames, there is a chance sometimes you can see arrow changing position right after hit. Sorry I don't really know how to fix and don't even want to do it.
Oh, also totally changed jump attack ^^

edit: ooops, giving Bluna, distance Rudolf's AI wasn't the best idea ever.
umm guys can any one give me robyn
Bump because I found a new download link, courtesy of the polish LF2 site:
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