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Full Version: Recently happened
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There's a family with parents around 40 years old and three kids. One of the kids is still very young (as I remember it's around 3 years old, the others are something around 8 and 10). They live in.. well, it's like an apartment, a rise building used as housing but also as a working place. There is no emergency exit, since such thing will be a welcome for thieves.

Then recently, there was a fire. They were trapped, in the 4th story of the building, and smoke started to fill the room. The mother grabbed the youngest kid and jumped from the window, 10 meters down to the ground. The kid was safe, and the mother, although she broke her legs, is still alive. The rest of the family were not burnt, but they died, poisoned by the smoke.

and.. yeah. that's it. The same fire accident in that kind of building in my city has happened quite a few times, and it always takes some lives away
I guess this is one of those stories which are very short yet amazing
These things happen in our town too.
BTW you should've include why the fire occurred:o
I don't think it's important at all, the only interesting thing in that story is the mother's action
That's the love of a mother for her kid.:)