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Full Version: lfe game - plot needed D:
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so i decided to post this here.
i came up with the idea to make a fangame for lfe, nothing high-quality but something fun to play.
but i need a plot...
first i thought about using the lfe chronicles by oliver as plot, but... its just kinda outdated. i dont really identify that much with the eggpire stuff anymore.

soooo... to all you active story writers, this is your chance to be a part of this game!
we will do a kind of contest for the best plot. simply post it here.
you dont need to write a novel, a rough outline is enough for now. but be ready to be asked back for (discussion about) details.

all requirements i can think of right now are that it should include all well-known members from lfe, and that it should be kinda "up-to-date". you know, like no eggpire and that stuff.
ill set up a poll after we have some plots to vote for.
now gogogo! :D

ha, you cant warn me now since i made it a contest and not a request for help!
i am more interested in the visual/artistic side of the game, if there's any assistance needed am offering my services.
well ofc you are welcome to help out ;D
Nice! I was gonna post my plot after I finished it(I hope), but this thread came out.
Well, It may include more than 7 chapters but I have only written 2. Furthermore, this is my first literature art. Story is quite similar to LFE-GF4 Chronicles.
Chapter1--The Abandoned Battle Field (Click to View)
Chapter2--Strike of the Second Wave (Click to View)
Just a quick question: Have you already decided what type of game it is going to be? (as in fighting game, rpg, adventure, TD, J&R,...)
it will be mainly a platformer, but with intermezzos of other genres, like puzzles, beat em up and others.
how about
The Empire versus Zombies!
everyone start as human until somehow a desise (dunno how to write it lol) is started and slowly each one and one is transforming into zombies
until everyone are zombies :D
and u know there are battles in the middle and someone smarter than me should write some storyline lol
but yea thats the main idea XD
How about you're a treasure hunter looking for some number of crystals or artifacts or whatever, hidden throughout the world, but as you find them you gradually find out that bringing them close together (or just taking them from where they were) is damaging the fabric of reality, and/or unsealing some terrible monster? The bonus there is that with a story like that, you can have a totally awesome surrealist final level because the universe is falling apart.

It's no masterpiece, but I imagine it'd work fairly well for a platformer. What do you think?

sounds nice, but how would it include lfe?
What I'd do is this: Make each forum area into its own world. At the start of the game you find yourself in the middle of a town square (general discussion, where people like sirfrog and some 'regulars' are). Everybody is in turmoil because trolls/bots(whichever suits you best. Mind you, real trolls and robots, not the internet equivalent) are preparing to invade the kingdom.

Marshall the marshal (lol) tries to calm the mob. To evaluate the situation, he asks for a volunteer to travel to forum games ('the wilderness') and catch a wild troll/bot. Of course you immediately raise your hand (right?) and after a brief 'It's dangerous to go alone, take this' moment, you begin your journey.

In the wilderness you meet bamboori and ramond (+ ???) and help them get to the troll's lair to catch one of them. When you interrogate him (it?) it turns out that all your worries match reality, legions of trolls are congregating at the kingdom's borders. To fight them of, you will need all help you can find.
Depending on the amount of work you are willing to put into this/ the number of people that want to take part, you could add the following worlds:

- How do you fight trolls? The last war has long been forgotten. Only ancient scrolls still tell the heroic tales of the last generation. To find those, you have to reach death's domain(I'd usually say story section is forest, but we've got wilderness already. Perhaps an estate with a library?), where nightmares wander. (Also purple cats on occasion)
You can of course also go for a less nightmarey setting with flying books and other living items.

- If you go for bots: Only one person knows all their weaknesses. Dive right into the matrix of reality that is the hex/programming world. Meet Someone else, who will guide you on your way to Lord Silva. But beware. Silva considers you an idiot and will not help you unless you prove him wrong.

- The admin realm, above the clouds where the phoenixes are flying. Goes without saying, why wouldn't you want to have the supreme lords of LFE at your side? But getting there is a task in itself.

- You don't want to fight with your bare hands, do you? Visit the data-changing forum ('armory? City of tomorrow? I somehow perceive it as a rather futuristic place. But of course you can also go down the magic route and choose the 'wizards tower' or something). What you have to do depends on the scenario. A spell gone wrong, one of the DC'ers is trapped in a book? A machine exploded, find the tiles and put them back together? I can't actually imagine stuff like that happening with Azriel and YinYin in charge, haha. Maybe nothing exploded but you still have to collect and assemble the weapons yourself. Send those medieval trolls a greeting from the 21st century.

- Spriting realm. Thinking of it, those could be the magicans as well. More of a fairy tale setting the way I imagine it, though. Trapped in a painting (or in your own mind, psychonauts-style) makes a lot more sense here anyway. Just like the DC-forum a great place to get new abilities.

-Showdown of course. Show those trolls/bots who the boss is.

No real story writing as of yet, just brainstorming a little. God, that post looks messy.

@v: Damn, I'm sorry. It's just that I'm not sure whether it'd make more sense to have you as a GM (you could be the general to lead the fight against the bots :P) or DC'er in the game. If it is any help, you surely aren't the only one I have forgotten.
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