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Full Version: JoHo15´s Sprites
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great job joho! this is a very good sasuke and i like it, only hands are short and shading needs to be more visible.....
good luck and continue the hard work joho;)
How is that
[Image: c7wa6.png?1]
It has some nice shading on it. Why don't you try making it in some other stance? Right hand appears to be a bit short.Well, nice progress. You made Sasuke better than the previous one. keep it up.
Made a new Naruto
[Image: pMKPK.png?1]
You have made it pretty nice.:) It's better than the previous one. Your shading is also improving. The sign on Naruto's head is not clearly visible(That doesn't matters much). Anyways, it's good. Keep it up.;)
here is Sakura v2
[Image: PMrvn.png?1]
Pretty nice:) But, her face looks like a that of a man, try to give her a female look. Shading is nice. Keep it up.:)
how is that ?
[Image: BcWom.png?1]
Yeah, now it's better.
i have tried a face pic
[Image: I3FkE.png?1]
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