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Full Version: JoHo15´s Sprites
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Here is Gohan SSJ2
[Image: S5XPN.png]
great gohan! shading is very nice but hes hands are too thin, and hair doesnt look good to me, averything else is great
keep it up;)
I like the piccolo sprite very much and the gohan SSJ2 too :thumbsup:.
Piccolo is Giant.
Your Piccolo is not.

Why is Gohan taller than Piccolo?
How long you spriting?
you have very special style for begginer (if you are begginer) above average sprite!!!

i think isnt important size of char if is good.
I made a new one Dave
[Image: GnBww.png][Image: ewICm.png]

I have started in september
great sprite..... but its not good as your last sprites, dunno what is not good in it but enyway its good... i think you should start doing lf2-style sprites... when i started to sprite in this way my sprites became better..... good luck;)!
I recomend to joho to make sprites in any style you want, do style which you fit most, which you like most.
Nice sprites you have here.
Here is Sasuke
[Image: xMmQg.png?1]
His arms looks bit short, boots can be fixed with that part where his toes showing.
Nice, good luck.
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