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Full Version: JoHo15´s Sprites
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it looks skinny because the arm is behind the head
and he have a band because of the bad lithing effect you see it not good
My newest one
[Image: lwajB.png]
Here is Kakashi
[Image: 8Cj6A.png]
hmmmmm....... i dont know why roy seems to be not good, the shirt looks wierd to me
the shading isnt good, im sure you can do better!
about kakashi he looks very good, and very detaild keep that way;) good luck!
My newest
[Image: VQLcV.png]
Nice. Simple but nice. I like the effect :)
i have tried to made it with your tut
[Image: QD28E.png]
Way better, but make some empty space between each white scribble.
I'd make it more like this:
[Image: mnbqc.png]
This is just a quick example. You can randomize those scribble more ;p.
great job!!!! realy amazing;) looks like its a realy hard work to do thing like that, the lady isnt very good hair shading is not good, great job with the water:thumbsup:
Looks much better now! Great job on the water effect ;)
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