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Full Version: JoHo15´s Sprites
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really nice sprite! :)

just his right arm could be improved + bigger eyes

great one!
i have fix his eyes an his right arm
[Image: qIaox.png]
gr8 progress
good job! its realy great! your shading is very good and position is good too.
keep that way, can i ask you how much time it takes to you to sprite it?
It took 2 and a half hour
I made a new one
Kid Buu:
[Image: 4Dkpz.png]

[Image: afC5M.png]
Wow you are really good. Definitely better than me and you just started spriting Shock. Keep up the good work ;)
My newest
Super Janemba:
[Image: XfrjT.png]

and Cell:
[Image: qforU.png]
super janemba looks wierd its shade isnt good and muscles are wierd
cell looks very good and shading is great keep that way;)
i want to see more of your sprites!
now better ?
[Image: KOJ54.png]
the 2nd kid Buu sprite - left hand his too skinny and missing the band on his arm
nice sprites.
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