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Full Version: JoHo15´s Sprites
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Here a 4 sprite that i have made
[Image: 9xcr8Mk.png]
[Image: dnqKwrg.png]
[Image: vfzB0DT.png]
[Image: EBgoGMC.png]

[Image: bXANLnh.png]
[Image: rkvP5jb.png]
Quite impressive.

The shading already looks so nice, wonder if more details can add more perfectness to it?

Rika's hairstyle looks exceptional, expect for that spiky part at the back, I suppose that was meant to signify a ponnytail?
wow :awesome: I just like it!
new sprite:
[Image: DW3TFc6.png]
you are doing a good job lately!.There were proportions and placement issues in some of your previous sprites. Rika (previous one to the last) has got a good (right) proportions . Your shading is good but some of the details get lost/ blurred when shrunk though.
Add details after shrinking- thats the best way to not lose details and don't go over-detailed in larger size. The designs in your characters are good and I notice some of them are characters from game/cartoon. Keep up the good work!
[Image: YnNexud.png]
yeah i can gravedigging my thread again :D

[Image: qz9CjJ6.png]
do this one
Hannya [Image: 146831.jpg]
blue ninja guy
also, something other than standing
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