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Full Version: JoHo15´s Sprites
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wow why dont you make a char
here is a new sprite
[Image: vqa32.png?1]
made a new sprite
[Image: ow0VC.png?1]
this sprite is great for you...i like all your have your own style that great.You can little work on proportionallity.
here a new sprite
Flash v2
[Image: Rmbct.gif?1]
haha nice i like it, crazy effect tho :P

i especially like his shirt, its cool

if u add an hair animation u can also do the full breathing cause now it looks "half-alive"
yeah,nice t-shirt,nice effect too :awesome:
U should delete, or without background ;)
EDIT:i just saw that right arm is longer
Like his shirt and what! oo... the hair is awesome!
Wow! Your sprites are very nice...I like them all....
Well anyway, specially I liked your unique character sprites like someone sitting on the horse! All are awesome that I saved your sprites in my can also create a LF2 game with these nice sprites...

You can make a very nice LF2...:D
Well, do you know about a great fighting anime Fairy Tail? Someone said me that he is creating a Fairy Tail LF2! And I don't know whether he is done or not! I wanna see a sprite of that! Shock
made him breathing
[Image: Loj0r.gif?1]

i am working on a mod but i didn't open a thread for it. I will open one when a have more progress...
and yeah i know the anime fariy tail...
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