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Full Version: JoHo15´s Sprites
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here is a new sprite
[Image: WaZWQ.png]
(05-25-2012, 10:25 PM)JoHo15 Wrote: [ -> ]here is a new sprite
[Image: WaZWQ.png]
It's nice. Her face looks male-ish. Her hair has nice contrast.
Keep it up.

made a new sprite
[Image: 0bp1L.png?1]
The design is very cool & her weapon seems to match up with her apparel.
You seem to have forgot the shading for her hair, it looks rather flat
notice how you stopped your shading @ an approximate width for each of the objects, face, clothing, shoes...arms
Her hair is the only one that seems to be devoured by the large ammount of light you had placed on her.
please fix that and her pony tail as well
you're getting better btw ;)

+another thing (this is just my personal opinion)
I find it extremly weird for her to have that as her natural hair color
i don't mind so much but i think it would look better to have a darker color instead (such as her gloves or shorts)
possibly throw out the bright red and make it look browner? i suppose...
or you can just desaturate it, since it looks to concentrated
by all means ignore what I'm saying if it looks any worse :P

+seriously consider on making an animation for her.
performing some sort of mage move on an enemy (I can totally see her as a playable character if you develop her more)
i have fix the hair
[Image: SnW7j.png?1]
and yeah she will be a char in a mod on that i´m working
made a new sprite
[Image: UevXJ.png?1]
rock: hard, strong, big, cracked.
your char has nothing of this. if he´s an embodiment of rock you should add more muscle, make upperbody bigger with short legs, color skin grey or something like this. for now he´s not bad but only a normal char without special characteristic.
your sprites are pretty nice, very clean. maybe kinda too clean(?) i think you should connect your current style with some part of your old sprites. this mean add more (i can't find this word) "lines of shading", you know, like on your old works, for example: Roy, Dave and also could trying add third colour of shading, like in Flash. Last thing (not so big deal) - eyes could be more round. Are you made it in 79x79 size?

I give him the name rock because he will use rocks for his attacks

i made it in 158x158, yeah but i didn't know where i should use more shadow
here are two facepic´s
[Image: i3csY.png?1]
[Image: eUHUA.png?1]
the two I did with my new tablet that I got at the weekend
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