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Full Version: Which is better?
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Might seem like a n00bish headline, but it´s as simple as that.
Which version of G-01 Type Thunder is best?
[Image: g01typetwc0.png]
[Image: g01typetqz2.png]

Note that either version will be blurred later on.
New, but the black outline still doesn't really fit...
Could you be a little more specific? What about it is wrong?
Well, if you intended this comic - look its fine, however the outline itself makes the new sprite look mixed up in the styles.
Everthing IN the dark outlines is shaded very well and realistic, but it just is shaded too realistic that the outlines actually fit to this G-type thingy of yours.
agree to lauli, and else: first is better since has more grey-tones in it and looks more fluid :p (or what's the word...)