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Full Version: Bonu, RELEASE!
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(07-29-2011, 12:22 PM)empirefantasy Wrote: [ -> ]I tested it.
Good sprites,balanced mp/injury.Not so much DC,just 5 moves.
Well you may like those versions like LF2 Turbo where they have over 9000 moves, but in original LF2 the chars normally have only those 4-5 moves, and i tried to make Bonu fit the original chars as well as i could :/
Revived a 3.5 years old post? I ain't even mad.
(01-08-2015, 11:08 AM)LABEEB Wrote: [ -> ]Its not so good enough i give u a tip.For next update u Should Make this character's Sprite Hd looking and add many combo moves.
Remember Use good Sprites.

Remember the important things like scope? *gunshot* We don't need it. This kid is showing us how to make projects the right way.
I will use bonu in stage 4. And i will update his power and other things that u guys have never experienced. So who is bonus creator? Is he alive?

If he is not in this fourm so I am just gonna use this character.

8-) :>
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