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Here is just stage1.Stage 2 comes next week:D

I made it in 2 hours (I think).
Some credits go to MH-RAZEN who has created key system (stage 1-1)
Delete criminal.dat in data.txt,so this can work normal.

Stage 2 is done.

Warning: don't play stage 2 if you are under 18 and don't play it at night.

Stage 3 is out.Also I updated stage1 and stage2.

Updated: stage 4 + some changes in past stages

Be careful, key.dat is id: 300, so you have to remove criminal.dat from data.txt

Pre-final version
key.dat has id: 300, so you must remove criminal.dat
One of the sprites got a small update (screenshot too). In case you don't want to download it again, here is the sprite that you can replace. Also readme updatet too :p
And i add "...lf-empire v10 all you need..." :DDD

Important: key.dat is id 300, so may not work if you dont delete criminal.dat in data.txt.
Arrows show the direction of opponents.
Jump on buttons to activate them.
Criminals have itr kind 14, so they are obstacle.
Just 4 dat files and sprites, no character modification.

erm, since i got credits i tryed it - and you should always make sure you dont miss any stuff. kex.bmp is missing, I know I could find it in advanced dc, but you cant expect this from the rest of us...
You forgot the stage.dat if you have to upload a stage mode. Without the stage.dat what's the use? Hoped some screenshots though.
(05-08-2011, 03:12 PM)empirefantasy Wrote: [ -> ]Here is just stage1.Stage 2 comes next week:D

I made it in 3 hours.
Some credits go to MH-RAZEN who has created key system (stage 1-1)

Data inludes the files 'key', 'box' and 'lock', but shouldn't there be stage.dat?

double.. ninja'd.. x]
I fix it.
Download it in the firs post.Sorry for my mistake.

I have edit sprites.
(05-08-2011, 03:35 PM)empirefantasy Wrote: [ -> ]I fix it.
Download it in the firs post.Sorry for my mistake.

I have edit sprites.

stage 1-1 I'm getting a bunch of shadows and a Deep standing. I don't have to do anything here.
stage 1-2 those shadows again, and a criminals and weak opponents
stage 1-3 starting with some heroes as opponents, than some weaker ones, and a 50 hp firzen x2? Than a 50 hp bandit x2
stage 1-4 2x2 heroes as opponents, again a 50 hp firzen x2? Weaker opponents such as Jack's
stage 1-5 weak opponents, 1 jan who joins you, than 10 opponents and way too many stones..
stage 1-6 weak opponents, 1 hero who joins you.. special: flames crossing the screen.
stage 1-7 normal-weak opponents, flames crossing the screen.. stage clear

The flames in stage 1-6 and 1-7 could be okay, but there should be a reason that they are there.

I got the feeling this is not the way it should be. The shadows are probably the keys but they are not working. Maybe I got something installed that messes up your stage?
I dont like the trees it spoiles the whole stage and It should be breakable. It stands as a barrier that can block all state:3006. I use AngelAdam and play the stage but when I use D>AA then the bombs don't do anything except for exploding. Will you give screenshots if possible on the 1 post? And for the summoning of the energy discs you should have drawn something better only purple circles dont look good to me and once they are used they should blow up and not remain there because it is usable only once.

In 1-1 must be key.bmp
in all stages these are trees.

also they are some purple circles with opoint john_biscuit.
Don't forget you need john_biscuit and firen_flame from original LF2.

I will change some things next week,when I will post stage 2.
You should improve the purple circles anyways you re not ALB to do like that. I want breakable trees. For stage 2 i.e stanley prision you can give metal cages or sumthin.
I will think what to do in stage 2.breakable trees are not possible as I know.I like those purple circles but maybe I may redraw them.(ALB?! sure that I can redraw them,ALB is not the only who can create sprites)

Any bug?
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