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Full Version: [help] Pick flying weapon in mid-air
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Hey DCing guys,
I'm new to the whole "make your own char" thing but I am working on this char:

so a problem I found is that one of his abilities (or his weapon ability) is to be able to pick the weapon in mid-air.

As name suggests he can spawn custom boomerangs that fly and hit the enemy. But if he misses I would like him to be able to pick that boomerang instead of creating another (using MP and bla bla bla), or even pick any weapon thrown at him by simply pressing the defend button =)

I tought about some options:
A. Boomerang is pickable by anyone (code on the boomerang).
B. System fakes a weapon catch but actually kills old weapon and makes a new one on player's hand.
C. System lets player simply catch the weapons.
D. System only let's that especific char with that kind of weapon to be able to do this.

on this case, D is boring, A and B are acceptable and C is optimal.

sorry for my bad english and I hope you can help me.

ps: I'm not here for you to do the work for me, I want you to explain me so I don't bother you again.
If you want a weapon to be pickable, you need wpoint/kind: 2 in all frames like in_the_sky, throwing, ...

it's... THAT simple?

I'm gonna bury my head somewhere...

thank you!
And also, if you will want to press Attack and pick up in air you may think about adding itr/kind: 1 (or I don't remember exactly) to make it work. (yea, crouch frames then appear, but heh)
Rather use the itr from the rowing frames, it allows to pick up weapon without going to the pick-up frames ^^

edit: it's itr/kind:7
Don't weapons have to use the 'on_ground' state to be pickable?
It would be some combination of pretty damn perfect timing, on-ground state and itr/kind: 7
wait, why is the picking an object out of mid-air a problem again? wasn't the solution in the first or second reply already?
(03-19-2010, 05:30 PM)TheNave Wrote: [ -> ]wait, why is the picking an object out of mid-air a problem again? wasn't the solution in the first or second reply already?
first reply, but i dont see how it solves the problem

its a problem because only objects with state: 1004 and next: 0 are pickable
that makes it a bit difficult when you try to make an animated moving object pickable

but i can tell you picking objects in midair is possible - the kind 7 itr is best put in the first frame of the jump/dash attack - works like a charm - thatll require wpoints in those attacks tho, for the looks

only problem is the item itself

maybe make the boomerang hold an invisible boomerang in a pickable frame as it flys around and kill of the original one once your character picks the invisible held one

rather complicated :D
and it gives you a borning D.

edit: i dont know yet whether it makes a difference when the item moves - could be that 1004 doesnt only limit itself to next: 0 but also no movement - gotta test that in case you dont get anything to work
well... can't do...
didn't work

if you guys have something working tell me, i will keep trying.
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