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Full Version: little fighter comic and anime
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i was on the usa lfo site and they have a manga and a cartoon, i did some searching and found the book covers on the hong kong site.
does anyone knoe where i could read this comic or watch the anime
except hongkong nowhere i guess.

sadly, the anime/comics never made it to the usa (afaik)
so if anyone nows someone with it cant they scan it up, just a couple of pages,
you can buy the manga here,
hope this helps at all :)
So i got bored and started searching around for free scans of LFO manga pages
As far as I know, these are the only ones available to the public. (I believe there is ~17 volumes total?)
This one goes up to Volume 1 (Chapter 5)
Hello, I'm responsible for the translation. :) However, the project stopped and i'm not looking to keep translating it as of now.