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Full Version: HeroFighter (Martis new game)
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Quote by Marti Wong: (almost forgot to post this about all the LFE-Server Problems :p)

Hi all, after 10 months' effort, my new game HeroFighter will be released soon. For details, you can go to HeroFighter's Blog. Thank you!

Some snapshots:
[Image: drewStance.gif] [Image: lucasStance.gif]
[Image: horseRun.gif] [Image: bg_forest.jpg]
wow the shading is fantastic of those chars and that horse looks amazing!can't wait for this game!
i already have seen this on the officials.. awesome.. can't wait to play the first beta or w/e :p
wow, the spriting&animating is damn great
I have to say:
awesome job Marti!!1(he'll never read that though)
I am soooo proud of you **sniff** O.o

No, rly, in al srsness its pure awesome

Btw: do I see a Henry in the muscular man?
Quote:Last year, after struggling for months, I finally make a difficult decision to quit my job. And concentrate on working on my new game - Hero Fighter (HF).

He quit his job to make a free video game?

I sure damn hope this thing is gonna have something similar to the DC system. If it does, then this is gonna be f***ing awesome (but not like it's gonna need any darn thing else to be awesome).

Please pardons my [s]sh****] French. It's just too good to believe.
I'm curios which new char ideas will come. Because we now pretty much got Mark & Deep as chars.Why is everybody so exeggerating with praise and amazement?
Sure it's great that there's coming out a polished version of LF2, but srsly... :
Looking forward to this.
more like davis :D ^
i think i read that this is going to be a flash game? but anyway, i think also it said it was online only, so you may not be able to DC it or edit it.
but we'll find out soon hopefully!
i like the overall idea of it, new chars, nwe style, also it has a ZOOM FEATURE!!!
cant wait!
is this game gonna be modable?
Btw it looks really great! similar to LF2 but with much more greater sprites! is this free downloadable game like LF2?
*looks at vandesdelca's post, looks at everyone elses post, and facepalms so hard that there is a big red mark on alecs face*
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