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Full Version: New beginning & rules in the story forum
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First of all.. hello dear visitor of the story forum of lfe!

I am now in charge for the stories forum. There will be some changes:
-Active stories get stickied
-Inactive stories get unstickied (means no activity for more than an month)
-Posts which content chapters will be merged to the starting post (eventually)

Some hints for rising writers:
  • Write down what your story is about, you don't have to be excact just some keywords ( you don't will get lost)
  • Write your story in an text programm like word or similar
  • Before posting, check your spelling, nothing is more embarrasing than a stupid mistake :D
  • Take comments serious, even if they hurt you sometimes , they will help you improve
  • No master has fallen from the heaven.. not even in case of writing. its practice (you will get alot better if you write alot)

I am looking forward to our cooperation!
And now let your creativity explode!