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Full Version: [released][char]: Reaper.
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[Image: reaperbanner.png]
The rain pattered at the windows. The land outside was painted in gray and blue.
Suddenly a hand knocked on the door of the castle of the LF-Empire. Slowly, one, two, three times.
The guard opened the door and looked into two scary, blue eyes. Around them, there was only a deep, deep dark.
"I was sent to join the group of chars finished on LF-Empire. Let me in."

As you can see, I finally finished my reaper char. Btw: crappy story, but that isn't the point.
The point is that its finished and - surprise - you can download it.
Now i should make an epic post, should'nt I? Let me think about it.
Move list maybe?
Well, you will find it in the Readme.
Although this char is quite well-balanced to the normal LF2-characters, he is different to play as most of his attacks have no body or a state: 3005, which means that they are normally not blocked. That gives you some nice chances to hit the enemy when he doesn't expect it. In addition to that for example the hearttaking attack can also catch enemies while they are frozen. And the curse... Try it out, it can be used very versatile.
what else? Well, I can give you some tasks.
Should be enough until the Last Judgement.


Critics to datas, balancing and if you have to to sprites normally won't cause your death within a week. But you can never be sure.
So here is what you all waited for( or maybe not). the download:
1 : nice idea ( i havent seen anyone doing something like that.. )
2: if he have no legs why he's in the air on char grid?? (if you wnat to do that he be in the air in the game, you'll need to change centery ;) )
3: i can help you with DC ( if you send me all sprites :D ).
4: i must say that moves are not very creative ( like you said) ...
The idea is nice, the sprites are acceptable, but i'm sure, you made a classical mistake: His face will be transparent ^^ Black Color doesn't work

I recommend to design a Pseudo-Black (For example 10/10/10 on RGB), that seems to be black (for human eye), but isn't for the computer engine. Then it will still look black...
Nice idea, it will be nice if this get's good. About the sprites...
I think the scythe would look better if it had a normal metal color, not red. The snath should be made of some darker wood, and probably it would more look like a scythe if there were grips ore if the snath was curved.
I agree to the things said before.
For some reason, the reaper's body doesn't look like there would be bones under this dress, it looks more like a muscolous body... I don't know why exactly. Maybe it's because of those arms how they stick out of the body or something like that... I can't say... but look at it maybe you find something.
His dress is a little bit too light, I think... maybe looks cooler when it's a bit darker... it should look like black cloth (which is not absolutely black, but a bit grey or dimly green, that is right!) rather than a very light grey... a slice darker, that's it. ;)
His eyes: these look like the Disturbed covers... it's quite cool, but maybe you saw some very good horror movies where the Grim Reaper appears... there, this is just completely black, you cannot see anything in his face... sure, red eyes look cool, but think of it... wouldn't it possibly look more scary without any eyes that can be seen at all? at least if the cloth is some darker, too, otherwise the (unseen) face could not attract attention without these red eyes. Think of it, maybe try it with one sprite and judge yourself what looks better. These are just suggestions!

As you thought by yourself that some of your ideas for moves weren't very creative, maybe you'd like to hear some ideas of mine? Decide for yourself which of them you like and which not. ;)
*Of course, some combat moves with his scythe. Attacks that are harder, have a slightly greater range, a shady attack like bat's Speed Punch, strafes and combos loke those of davis, dennis and so on... many things are possible here.
*Close fighting attack like the one these reaper-like ghosts of the necropolis faction use in Heroes of Might and Magic V - not using the scythe but the other hand, first holding up the hand and then spreading out to the victim's heart. In Heroes V, this directly kills one enemy (but out of many represented by one figure in battles), which would be overpowered for lf2 of course. But it could be a nice attack inficting a nice amount of damage (to enemy's hp and your mp, probably ;) ).
*A death scream that enfrightens enemies (let them float around for a short period of time, hurt them...)
*One dead cold attack freezing an enemy at close to mid range
*Some variations of these moves to do them to a grabbed enemy. Much can be done here (screaming in his face, scything, this soul grab... what seems to fit best). What can the death do to a grabbed victim? Just imagine. ;) It should be a characteristic of this character's fighting style, i think... maybe you should consider a standing move directly grabbing an enemy at your position like Knight's one in Reinforced LF2.
*Summon one soul to hunt down an enemy... like Dennis' chasing ball, looking more like Julian's skulls but a bit larger and darker (therefore one instead of many; like D's chasing ball, as i said ;) )

Remember, the Grim Reaper isn't just a man with a scythe and an hourglass... it is an allegory, a symbol... if you succeed in getting this into the game a little bit, you will be great... but these cannot be communities' demands.

Again... these are just suggestions. choose what you like. I like this idea and your project and you have my best wishes to succeed in it. All these suggestions shouldn't attack you in any way, they were meant to help you with getting this up und improving it if you want.

Have a nice day,
well, first thanks to all of you, especially mario.
@ simonLF2DCer:
to 1.thank you.
to 2.So I Have to make centery higher? Even if I only want him to be a bit over the ground?
to 3.Thank you, but I want to do them myself. So I'll be better next time.
@ Alblaka: yes, I know. I was just too lazy to change it. Nevertheless thank you. At least I didn't know that thing about the pseudoblack, that it is exactly the same.

Thanks for that long post with such cool ideas. I'm not really sure wether I really want to make a very scary Reaper. I think even with some changes he wouldn't be scary at all. But I'll try your ideas about dress, hoe etc. today. What you said with that allegory seems to be worth some tries although I won't be able to make my char become a symbol xD
To the eyes: In my opinion the face would look a bit boring without them. But maybe scary blue eyes would look better.( Like the one in "Hogfather" has( a film made out of a book written by Terry Pratchett)
to the bones: I think my reaper has no bones( without the hands). otherwise his face would have been different. Well i think i haven't really understood what you meant with that.
To the attacks:
Wow, your ideas are all very cool. Especially that with the heart and the catching attacks. The only thing I worry about is that these attacks wouldn't be very good for combos. Maybe I'll take something of both parts. For example:
1. that with the rotating hoe I mentioned in the beginning( not very creative I know, but maybe there will be a special part in that attack. For example with that hourglass. There are some possibilitys to stop the time, aren't there? So He could do that)
2. That thing with the heart, i could use it together with catching the enemy.
3. ... don't know but I'll think about something with your soul. maybe it will chase the enemys and freeze them but can't deal damage. Or it will take mana. I'm not quite sure if it will be dark or white( the soul)
4. Maybe there is a possibility to curse the enemy( only one of them, not all) for some time...
I have to go away from my computer know but i hope I can post some tries on your ideas today.
i mean change centnery to all frames (or not all if you want) into 80+

so if you do 150, your char will be in the air...
so this would be the reaper with some changes:
[Image: reaperv.png]
the first one is the old reaper, the second one darker with a curved hoe and the third one with blue eyes and another hoe. However I think the colours in the third one don't fit together.
The last one is how a really dark reaper would look like.
Which one do you think is best? I think either the second or the last one. well, more the second one. The last one is a bit boring xD But maybe you have ideas to make him more interesting than the second :D
Edit: if I change centery, he has to be on the ground in the sprites, right? well i don't really see a difference. I think you mean real flying, while I only want to have him about 10 pixels over the ground. It won't affect the game. Or maybe I only don't get the point...
The blue one looks best i think.
The colour just fits in.
i like the blue eyes ;).. though the purple scythe don't seem to be so appropriate.. but as u said, u don't know yet if u gonna make him that scary, so i guess it doesn't matter ;)
looking forward to this project i must say :p!
im wanna say that you just using (for nothing) your space in char grid...

but if you wont do that, then id like to say that i like a REALLY DARK REAPER.. it looks cool
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